Top 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables, Fruits and Plant Seeds for Beginners

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Many of you have gotten more conscious about your diet, health, and fitness. Fruits and vegetables purchased from the market have preservatives to increase their age. These medicines are harmful to health if the fruits, and vegetables are not washed. Organic fruits, vegetables, and plant seeds that are grown on your lawn and kitchen garden are always the best. But, you will be wondering where to start.

Which are the Easiest to Grow Plant Seeds in Your Home Garden?

This article discusses the top 10 vegetables, fruits, and plant seeds that are easy to grow. Being a beginner, you can do it easily.

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BeetrootSalad Leaves, Spring onions, Potatoes

Nature has blessed us with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. We tend to pick and choose our favorite ones from the list. One such easy-to-grow vegetable is beetroot. This nutritious root vegetable is not only used as salad. But it can also be mixed with other ingredients to cook a perfect meal. Don’t rush towards eating them. We still have to talk about the easy-to-grow technique. If you have moist ground, that is all you need. Keep in mind that the best timeline to sow the beetroot seeds is between March and July. Next, you have to ensure that the seedlings are at a distance of 5cm from one another. This would provide an ideal space for growing into a perfect healthy beetroot. Your field would be ready to harvest around May to September. Give it a try. You would love to grow it again.

TomatoesTomato Plant, Onion Plant, Beetroot Plant

Our next plant seeds on the list are a perfect choice for beginners and young gardeners. Tomatoes are easy to grow as these can be sown in pots as well as hanging baskets. No need to be an expert. Sow the seeds between February and April. If the soil is rich in natural fertilizer, the yield would be perfect. It would be ready for harvesting in the months of July, September, and October. Think of all the possible ideas of how to use them.

Onionsorganic, fresh vegetables, home grown vegetables

Onions are well known for demanding the least attention and maintenance. There are some quick easy steps performed once. Leave the rest to mother nature. All you need are onion bulbs. Remember to sow these bulbs in well-drained soil. Let us say that you sow these in spring. Your yield would be ready in late autumn. When the foliage starts to turn yellow, dry it in the sun before you move on to your storage facility. That is all you have to worry about.

Runner Beanshome garden, gardening, gardener

Next, we have a climber with a juicy taste and long-lasting yield. Runner beans are like broad beans. But, they need space and support on which they could climb and produce pods. You can sow the seeds of runner beans at any time between April to July. keep in mind to provide a broad supporting frame. An important thing is that they must have a lot of water. So keep watering the plant after regular intervals. The best part of growing runner beans is that the plant gives you pods. Keep picking up the pods once these are ready. You will get more with time. Thus, it is a great one-time investment.

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Broad Beansharvesting, plant seeds, fruits

We can not forget our favorite plant seeds i.e. broad beans. They are rich in taste providing various benefits. The best part is that it is also very easy to grow. If you want to start at home, all you need is a 3-inch pot sowing the seeds between November and March. One important technique to remember is taking out the top few leaves when the plant is almost 3 inches tall. This will encourage the plant to produce more pods at the harvesting time. Their harvest time comes in June. If sowing seeds in a pot doesn’t sound right, you always have the option of directly sowing seeds in the ground.

Spring Onionsplant pots, hanging baskets, soil

If you are a salad lover and prefer fresh vegetables, you can never forget to add spring onions. It can be grown between March and July either in pot or ground. The best part is the brief waiting time of 8 weeks. Leave the rest to the plant itself as flowers are able to self-seed. Thus, you can expect to get a consistent supply of spring onions to stir fry or add to your salad bowl.

Peassowing seeds, harvest time, plantation

Next on our list of plant seeds are peas. This plant can be grown from March to June and will produce every growing yield of pods after 2 to 3 months. You have to take care of their stems. You can use support canes or chicken wires to provide support to these fragile stems. The plant will do the rest. One important rule of thumb is to pluck as many pods as you can once these are ready. This would increase the productivity of your plant even further.

Potatoespotato bags, vegetables, green shoots,

Potatoes are the easiest vegetables to grow. These are generally grown in potato bags, bins, or ground. Start planting your potatoes in the later days of February and March in bags filled with compost. When the green shoots start to appear above the ground, cover these with more compost. Your yield would be ready between July to September. By this time, the potato bags would also be full of compost. The foliage would be yellow and die back. Tip out the bags and rummage to collect your fresh yield of potatoes. You will find the difference between the potatoes from the market and the ones grown by your own hands.

Radishplant growth, plant care, planting

Our salads are never complete without adding slices of fresh radish. It can also be grown in your lawn or containers. Sow the seeds four weeks after the last frost and in any month of summer. The yield would be ready after a month.

Salad Leaveslawn, home made, salad

Salad leaves are also used a lot. You can grow these in pots throughout the summer season. The plant will continue to produce leaves till the outset of autumn. Keep watering and cutting dying leaves to increase the growth of the plant.

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