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Easy paisa, Pakistan’s leading mobile payments platform and fintech company, has introduced a new biometric verification feature for its Easypaisa App. The move comes as the company looks to further bolster its position as a leading player in the Pakistani fintech space.

This amazing new feature will allow easy paisa customers to verify their identity using fingerprints, iris scanning or facial recognition. This will make it easier and more convenient for easy paisa customers to make mobile payments, as they will no longer need to remember a PIN or password. In addition, biometric verification will add an extra layer of security to the Easypaisa accounts, ensuring that only the authorized users can access their accounts.

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Easypaisa is one of the leading fintech companies in Pakistan; already being the most popular mobile payment platform in Pakistan, with over 8 million active users and is at the forefront of innovations in mobile payments. With the addition of this new feature, easy paisa is set to become even more customer-centric, as it will offer a more secure and convenient experience for users.

Biometric verification is more secure than traditional methods of identification like passwords and PINs that we usually use. With biometric verification, there’s no need to remember multiple passwords or worry about someone stealing them. Your fingerprint is unique to you and cannnot be stolen or compromised. So why not give it a try? Download the Easypaisa App today and enjoy it’s interesting new features.

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