Beautiful Traditional Multani Jewelry

Multan is a beautiful city in the heart of south Punjab. The city is well known throughout the world because of its rich sufi culture and strong historical background. Multan is one of the oldest cities of subcontinent and this is the reason why this city brings forward the roots of magnificent art and architecture and multani jewelry is the most gorgeous of these reflections.

Distinctive Design of Multani Jewelry

Multani jewelry is made up of Kundan which is a gold plated craft on other metals. It is very distinctive in its design with dull gold shine and is studded with white tear shaped pearls of mostly white color. Kundan jewelry is widely available in the city and is also available with jewelers around the country but the variety that is available in Multan sees no parallel.

Where to Find Multani Jewelry?

jewelry, multan, pakistani_cities, traditional_jewelry, 1. Kissa Khwani Bazaar

If you want to buy Multani jewelry from Multan you need to head to the famous Kissa Khawani Bazaar which is located in the old city. This traditional and old market place is marked by narrow streets and congested alleys and is studded with cloth and jewelry shops. You can find great deals here and a good peek through the shops will allow you to find the latest designs and also the most beautiful ones. The market follows a single tight lane which has shops on both ends so even if you are new to the place there is no chance of you getting lost.

This bazar is open until 5 or 6 pm in the evening so it is always better to go early in the day so that you find all shops open. You can also buy range of other traditional multani products from this market.

2. Cant Market

The second good place to buy Multani jewelry is from Multan Cant Market. This market is located in the army residential area. There you can find several jeweler shops but here the jewelry is a hybrid of traditional designs merged with modern styles. If you are looking for something less traditional then this is the place where you should go to. These shops accept credit card payments so you can avoid the hassle of carrying cash. The place is also much safer and the shops are open late until the evening and so you can go whenever you feel convenient.

Cant Market is also less crowded and so offers a better overall shopping experience.

3. Other cities

Multani jewelry is also available in other cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi but there is no doubt that the variety that you will find in its hub is unmatched. So if you are going to Multan yourself or if someone you know is visiting the city, don’t forget to request them to bring you some pieces of this amazing artifact.

Another wonderful fact about owning pieces of Multani jewelry is that you can wear it both formally and informally; it will always standout. If you are visiting a foreign country, don’t forget to take this wonderful traditional jewelry along as we can ensure you that your pieces will most definitely get noticed because of their glamour, beauty and unique style.

Price Range of Multani Jewelry

The price range varies according the amount of gold plate that is done on the Kundan jewelry, the intricacy of design and the size of the piece. You can buy traditional bridal sets, pendant and earrings, typical dangling jumkas, bindya, matha patti, bangles and rings. Kundan jewelry comes in wide variety and is a must have for all Pakistani women because this is something which is timeless and will stay with you forever.