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Alibaba has taken a number of moves recently to tap into Pakistan’s untapped eCommerce potential. Enablers Global Service has partnered with a Chinese eCommerce business to assist its Pakistani sellers.

Enablers, Pakistan’s largest eCommerce network, has partnered with Alibaba, a Chinese digital powerhouse that focuses on eCommerce, the internet, retail, and technology, on a global service partnership deal.

This is a significant step forward since Alibaba will provide new opportunities for our Pakistani entrepreneurs. Many young entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this opportunity because of Enablers.

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Live commerce in China has been tremendously successful due to the infrastructure developed by e-commerce facilitators such as Alibaba.

Alibaba formerly allowed Pakistani businesses to promote their shops and offer their products to B2B consumers all around the world.

Pakistan is the world’s fifth-most populous country, with a 64 percent young population. These numbers show that Pakistan is a gold mine that might provide eCommerce companies with a profitable income stream.

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This is a huge step forward for Pakistan since it will drastically expand the country’s eCommerce market. Moreover, Enablers will help Alibaba merchants in Pakistan increase their sales as a result of this arrangement.

Enablers, a Pakistani GSP, aims to provide local firms with training and access to the world’s largest B2B marketplace.

The Internet has penetrated Pakistan’s heart and soul. As of January 2021, Pakistan had over 61 million Internet users, up 11 million from the previous year.

All of this makes Pakistan a rich field for eCommerce growth and development.