We all have become part of a rapid economy, global trends, and changes. A single pattern never lasts for long. New accessories and upgrades are always introduced. It is a system to help the general masses. But before all this was actually happening. Let us recall the time. You remember standing in long queues. Then, wait for your turn to deposit your utility bills every month. Who can forget the annual levies, taxes, and fees deposited after regular intervals? The queues started to get long and inconvenient. ePay Punjab is here to solve all these problems. The government of Punjab has taken an initiative to expedite B2G and P2G transactions and payment systems through ePay Punjab.

Let us recall another scenario. Imagine you had to visit your nearest bank branch. You wanted to send money into another account or receive money from other resources. Pay Order is no exception which demands some careful steps to complete the procedure. It helps you in case you have forgotten your grocery shopping. You can stop making plans for visiting the supermarket to buy all the items needed at the start of every month. E-Commerce has increased within the past five years. It became important especially after the spread of COVID-19 causing global lockdown. The restrictions imposed in the residential and commercial areas transformed everyone. They started to become smart consumers availing digital services.

That is one side of the coin. Many banks have upgraded their services starting from internet banking to bring all the options at your fingertips. If you want to understand the idea even further, type in the name of any bank on your android play store or app store. And you will find out that all the facilities are now available at your fingertips. In this article, we will provide a brief overview alongside the guided instructions so that the public can find the ease of use and various options enabled in the app.

Introduction to ePay PunjabePay, Punjab, Technology, Pakistani technology

In case you have heard about the application for the very first time, Punjab Finance Department and Punjab Information Technology Board have collaborated to develop this smart fintech application. The advantages are manifolds. On one hand, it facilitates the local government in the collection of revenue leading to economic stability. But, it provides smart solutions. These ease consumers to complete all their transactions using their smartphones.  The program enables users to deposit their fees, levies, and taxes. This happens through three different media of transactions. It includes OTC (over the counter) transactions, mobile banking, and an ATM transaction system.

An End to Illegal CommissionsB2G, P2G, Technology, Pakistani technology

The significance of this smart application lies in uprooting all the middlemen and agents. It asks for an extra fee and commissions to hurry the process. None of us likes to waste time waiting in line for our turn as there is so much to do in this fast world. There are people seeking an opportunity to take financial advantage of common people. In the end, we all tend to lose a lot of money while performing our national obligation as a citizen. ePay comes into the forefront as a reward. It is available for all as it provides similar services through our mobile phones. No need to stand in long queues anymore. ePay at your service.

Phase 1 of ePay PunjabB2G, P2G, Technology, Pakistani technology

Currently, ePay Punjab enables users to deposit fees and pay their taxes. This is for Punjab Land Record Authority, Board of Revenue, Industry, and Excise department. No need to get surprised. You can now pay the token tax of your vehicle and its registration fee through the application. The same goes for the transfer fee of a motor vehicle. These payments were quite tiresome and time-consuming but now you can do it all through ePay Punjab.

That is just the beginning. The app enables you to deposit business registration fees, Fard fees, Mutation fees, e-Stamping, Cotton fees as well as property tax. It might appear very technical but you just have to generate a seventeen-digit PSID number which can be used to carry out your transactions and tax payments. On the other side, a centralized system will connect all the banks with the State Bank of Pakistan through 1-link interconnectivity.

Upcoming DevelopmentsB2G, P2G, Technology, Pakistani technology

The government of Punjab envisions broadening the features of this app by connecting it with other smartphone applications and fintech. Most payment methods such as mobile wallets, credit and debit cards would be available. You can get connected and carry out necessary payments. Furthermore, you would be able to continue availing of the network services of your TELCOs. Moving onwards, the government is looking forward to establishing new avenues too. This includes Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Public (G2P) payment models. Students would be able to waiver their school fees.

They could avail need-based scholarships through the stipends transferred into their account. Returning back to the payment side, users would be able to deposit their Income Tax, fee for fitness certificate, route permit, domicile, character certificate, E-Challan, and License Fee. Of course, it is not meant to encourage you for more traffic violations. It is to ease your transaction process by making it fast and easy.

Importance of ePay Punjab AppB2G, P2G, fintech, revenue collection

Revenue collection has always remained a big obstacle for previous governments. The contemporary administration has realized the emerging importance and use of the FinTech industry. This procedure follows moderated channels. So that the economy of the whole country can be managed. It will become successful through appropriate means instead of unneeded resistance.

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How Does It Work?Excise and Taxation Department, Board of Revenue, Punjab Revenue Authority

Let us give you a quick overview of the user interface meant to provide a perfect user experience. When you open the app, you get to see some major bars such as the Excise and Taxation Department, Board of Revenue, and Punjab Revenue Authority. If we proceed with the Excise and Taxation Department, the drop-down menu provides various options for paying taxes such as Motor Vehicle Registration, Professional Tax, Token Tax, Property Tax, and Cotton Fee. Moving ahead, the Board of Revenue also provides a similar drop-down menu with options such as Fard fee, E Stamping, Mutation fee. In case you wish to register your newly started business, ePay Punjab provides the option of business registration under the major bar of Industries Department. So the process has become quite fast and you don’t have to wait for quite long.

The School Education Department provides various option to deposit your school and college registration fee. Imagine yourself standing outside your institution for the sake of getting a challan. The app has solved that problem with one smart solution. If you wish to get a fee challan for a route permit, the app provides the option titled Transport Department. Once you click on it, the drop-down menu will open and you can click on the route permit option to provide necessary details and get your challan. If you have violated the traffic rules and have to pay the challan, ePay has the option of generating a traffic challan by clicking on Punjab Police.

Select traffic challan and provide details to get your challan copy. In the end, ePay also provides the option of getting a challan for paying Abiana. Open the application and click on irrigation. The drop-down menu will display the option of eAbiana. Click on it and provide details. The end of all processes is almost the same. In the end, the application generates a challan. This comes with a seventeen-digit PSID number. Once you get the challan, you can use any of the payment channels.

ConclusionePay, Abiana, online banking app

We hope this information was useful for making you comfortable enough to explore this technology. The upcoming times will be successful for those who adopt the technology. So we recommend that you switch to these e-practices too. It is effortless for anyone. You need to understand a few steps and then you are good to go. It will make things much more convenient for you and your daily transactions.

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