In the era of e-learning, many youngsters opt to learn from home. The two major brands that come to mind when you think about product listing, virtual assistance FBA, and more; extreme commerce vs enablers. The rising question is which one is the best? If both are the same courses, why are the price points different, and which one is more fruitful and authentic?

All You Need to Know About E-commerce

E-commerce is buying and selling of physical goods and services online. The funds are transmitted and transferred through online channels, and the products are delivered physically on the addresses provided. These transactions happen in the following business formats:

Here are the most lucrative e-commerce startup categories for the New Year

Pakistan’s e-commerce platforms include and

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Extreme Commerce Vs Enablers: Which One is Better?

Extreme Commerce and Enablers are two edTech companies that help people build their ecommerce businesses. Both platforms offer a range of pedagogical tools that can enable the students to generate revenue. But which one is better? Which one should you choose to broaden your horizon on ecommerce in Pakistan?

Read more on to find out.

What is Extreme Commerce?B2B business, B2C business, online business

The first EdTech startup in Pakistan is Extreme Commerce. They help in capacity building and skills development. The website was registered in 2017. Till date, it is the largest EdTech platform in Pakistan. It consists of over 750,000 members. They offer 100+ income ideas and courses to pick and choose from.

The platform focused the initial years on wealth creation and business automation through Amazon FBA. With the passage of time, they expanded their business by adding various international digital skills and ecommerce developmental opportunities.

Who is Sunny Ali?Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali, Enablers, Saqib Azhar

Sunny Ali is the mastermind behind Extreme Commerce. He is a true story of rags to riches, as he came from the slums of Karachi and made himself a billionaire through his sheer hard work and determination. His vision is to empower the Pakistanis and make them self-sufficient via digital skills and e-commerce. In Pakistan, he is the pioneer of international ecommerce. Due to his diligence, his community is now 750,000 members strong and counting. According to him, this is just the beginning of much greater things to come. He founded Extreme Commerce in 2017.

Who is Enablers in Pakistan?Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali, Enablers, eCommerce

Awarded the best ecommerce company of the year in 2020, and Brand of the Year Award in the same year, Enablers is Pakistan’s largest ecommerce platform that sponsors:

Their mission is to make Pakistan one of the largest ecommerce hubs in the world. They run programs to enable people to become entrepreneurs and work on international platforms. They aim to create a whopping 2 million employment opportunities.

Who is Saqib Azhar?Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali, Enablers, Saqib Azha, eCommerce

Saqib Azhar is the co-founder and CEO of Enablers. He has years of experience in digital marketing, ecommerce, and technology. Saqib Azhar is a dual nationality holder of Pakistan and Great Britain. He spent 15 years of his life in Britain, and then decided to come back to Pakistan and serve his people by the knowledge he gained in seeking physical products in international ecommerce. He aims to help Pakistan in building its own ecommerce business in international markets like Amazon. Saqib Azhar rose to prominence when he was interviewed by a UN representative. He was selected by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Pakistan for youth development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The website says that, “Saqib’s ambition is to raise awareness and empower people in every city of Pakistan by guiding them through Enabling Series. He prides himself on having an ear to the ground with all the latest trends in the eCommerce field, and also on enabling our local population to build up businesses on Amazon.”

What is the Significance of eCommerce in Pakistan?Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali, Enablers, Saqib Azhar , eCommerce

For years, Pakistan seems to be on a quest to stir economic growth and develop a cost-effective strategy for wide industrialization. To some extent, the burgeoning IT sector, population increase, and an increase in internet users have all aided this aim.

E-trading in Pakistan

Accordingly to an international survey, economic growth has been made feasible by the global expansion of e-commerce. E-commerce has developed immensely within last twenty years, with sales growing rapidly of 13 percent, equating to sales of an approximate $2.9 trillion. E-trading throughout Pakistan mostly entails purchasing and selling of good, whereas, Internet banking, e-ticketing for airline travel, and stock market trade are just a few instances of modern e-commerce.

Pakistan’s Service Industry

The amazing thing about ecommerce is that it can minimize transaction costs, promote efficiency, support competition, lower prices, and raise international demand. It has the potential to offer up new economic opportunities in Pakistan’s service industry, such as online learning, health treatment, consulting, and data transfer. This can help with trade expansion by doing domestic and international analysis, marketing, and branding. It also can facilitate and expedite transactions and money transfers in the financial sector while posing minimal risk.

Introduction of Online Platforms

With the introduction of online platforms such as amazon, fiver, and Upwork into Pakistan, emerging companies such as extreme commerce and enablers started providing online training to the young generation.

The significance of eCommerce in Pakistan will be it can create more jobs for freelancers and international traders to offer their products and services into the market. Secondly, it will position Pakistan in the list of global competitors. While we cannot deny the fact that economic growth via international online trading will boost within upcoming years with the growth and improvement in other sectors such as IT, Fintech, and online trading. But it will also support Pakistani government in reducing un-employment in Pakistan, which itself is a complex problem of Pakistan. Because of the continuous growth in population of this country.

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How eCommerce Evolved During Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan?Amazon GBA course, online assistant, virtual assistant

In Pakistan, COVID-19 has resulted in a spike in e-commerce and rapid digital transformation in the midst of weakening economic activity. While lockdowns had become the new reality, firms and customers gradually “went digital,” offering and buying more products and services online, raising the share of the global retail trade held by e-commerce.

After going digital, numerous businesses have shifted their shape and method of operation. The pandemic was indeed a major catalyst in attempting to make this change more powerful and efficient than it has ever been. Market dynamics altered with the shutdown and the Covid crisis. From the largest huge retailer to online stores, everyone was driven to alter their business model.

As even more individuals gain online purchasing knowledge in Pakistan, people desire apps and websites that make customers feel safer protected and give them a positive impression of something like the online selling platform.

Furthermore, as time goes on, ever more businesses have changed and eased their post-sale products for buyers. Which implies that every shortcoming or flaw could be replaced, making the user’s online purchase experiences safer.

The Future of E-commerce in Pakistan

So here are some reasons why Pakistan can maybe be along way towards becoming the world’s largest upcoming e-commerce leader.

Inspiring Youth through Entrepreneurship development Community

Pakistan’s premier educational institutes are nurturing young entrepreneurs to assist them to develop into successful future Leaders by empowering the youth in creating new jobs.

Enhanced Online Shopping Experience

For a more visually appealing website that performs optimally, e-commerce shops in Pakistan have considerably increased their business, online engagement, and conversions.

High-speed Internet Connectivity

The increasing internet usage rate, inexpensive smartphones, accessibility of online payment options, and maturing e-consumer have acted as milestones towards its burgeoning e-commerce nobility.

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Extreme Commerce vs Enablers: A ComparisonSunny Ali, Saqib Azhar, Amazon

Extreme Commerce and Enablers are two big companies that offer virtual assistance, FBA, and product listing courses. They teach how to open accounts on, they have course portals from where you can learn these things. If you earn less than 60000, you can do a free course on extreme commerce. If you earn less than 30000, you can get free training in extreme commerce. You are required to submit important documents for this purpose.


Youtuber Dr. Muhammad Farooq Buzdar’s says that after much research and comparisons by speaking with both companies’ students and interacting with both CEOS, he has come to the conclusion that Sunny Ali’s company takes the cake. So, Extreme Commerce is more communicative. They put in a lot of effort in writing and uploading their posts. He has a wealth of knowledge that students can learn from.


When it comes to the second-tier staff, Extreme Commerce fares better yet again. Ms Zainab of Extreme Commerce comes highly recommended as a trainer because of her impeccable skills in communication and coordination. Also, Sunny Ali is lauded as a teacher who is open to new ideas and is not rigid in forming biases.

Teaching Content

Teaching content of Extreme Commerce is superior to that of Enablers. Extreme Commerce is mature in the way they market their success stories, while Enablers put success stories of people who have been working for a mere 8-9 months.


Sunny Ali’s team is more connected and has more engagement in their group. They also have more members who actively participate. People are not dependent on systems in Extreme Commerce, while the Enablers keep the students tangled in the web of systems.

Looks like all your questions pertaining to the choice between Extreme Commerce vs Enablers are answered. So, do you want to ask more questions or add to the blog? Let us know in the comment section below!