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No need to own a bike now! EzBike is at your service. Just check via the app where an EzBike is standing nearby. Reach the location and start riding it towards your destination. It’s as simple as that!

What is EzBike?

EzBike is an environment friendly initiative which has been launched in Pakistan. This electric bike rental service has been started by ‘Roamer’. This company is a Pakistan-based startup focused on improving the transportation sector of the country. The Ez bikes have been specifically designed to self-drive. They are charged electrically and thus, show their battery life to the user. The bike is unlocked through the EzBike app via a QR code.

Where is EzBike Available?

The service of EzBike is currently available in specific areas of Islamabad. The purpose of launching it in selective areas is to test the response of the public towards this new initiative. So far, people of Islamabad, particularly the younger lot, have responded extremely positively.

What Are The Rates For EzBike?

Another plus point of this service is the cheaper rates. You are charged 5 rupees as soon as you unlock the bike using the provided QR code via the app. Afterwards, you are charged 5 rupees per minute while riding the bike. The rate reduces to 2 rupees per minute, if the user has to stop the ride somewhere and has to stop at a shop, for instance.

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Where Can I Take The EzBike?

Presently, the EzBike can only be used within the selected areas of Islamabad. The app would guide you via its map about its boundary lines. If a user goes beyond the service area, the bike would immediately stop.

Will EzBike Come To Other Areas of Pakistan?

Yes, the company is planning to launch this service throughout Pakistan. It will help solve numerous transport issues for people across the country. Moreover, it will help in reducing air pollution because these bikes do not emit any dangerous byproducts.

How Much Distance Can The EzBike Cover?

Currently, according to its co-founder, the EzBike can cover up to 10 Kilometers of distance maximum. Thus, average rides can be taken from 5 to 6 Kilometers while using the EzBike. The longevity of the ride also depends on how much battery is available in the bike. The app tells you about the battery life too for each bike.

What’s The Maximum Speed of The EzBike?

The EzBikes are electric bikes and hence, their speed cannot be compared with regular motorbikes. The maximum speed of this electric bike is 40 Kilometers per hour.

How Many People Can Ride On The EzBike At a Time?

The company has presently designed the EzBike for a single user only. It does not allow two people to ride it because it can affect the performance of the bike.

How Can I Register For EzBike?

For registering and booking rides, you need to have your ID card and picture. The EzBike app will comfortably guide you through the process. The app has a wallet option where you can load money which will be deducted during the ride. This wallet allows seamless transfer of credit from your local account. New users are awarded with a free credit of 50 rupees as soon as they sign up for the app.

Make sure to try this service and leave your feedback on it in the comments. Happy riding!

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