14th Street Pizza , Golootlo

Hey, you! Yes, that’s right, do you like pizza? of course you do. Well if you want a quality pizza that rivals New Yorks Pizza with toppings for days, cheesy to the core, stuffed with the meatiest of the meat or veggie heaven for the vegan lovers, and with a generous add on’s of spices and flakes. Then my friend you’ve stumbled on the holy grail of the best pizza in Pakistan, 14th Street Pizza.

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14th Street Pizza, Bringing New York Pizza Love to Pakistan

Starting from a simple neighborhood pizzeria in Karachi, the company has now expanded to many areas of Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, and Multan. It may be said they are the originators of the introduction of the New York-style 20-inch hand-tossed pizza in the country. At 14th Street Pizza, you can get exactly what you need for your dream pizza. Start with choosing your size, and go from there. You can create an ideal meal with their huge variety of sauces, meat, and veggies, as well as their gourmet drinks. Don’t forget a few of your favorite sides and a beverage! So if you’ve never been to NYC and want to know what’s all the hype about a New Yorker Pizza. Then come on down and meet your dream pizza for a brief second and then eat away. 

A Menu from Heaven

“They say you can tell a lot about a restaurant by the look of their menu”. 14th Street’s menu has multiple sections of mouth-watering cuisine of circular proportions and each slice holds a mountain of flavors. The most surfed section is the signature “Create Your Own Pizza” which offers customers unique creations of their choosing, so imagine what you can put on a 20’’pizza or slice.

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