Getting to Know Fiza Farhan

Fiza Farhan is a well known social entrepreneur of Pakistan, Director of Buksh Energy and the CRO of Buksh Foundation. Fizza Farhan is amongst those few lucky Pakistani women who made it to the prestigious list of Forbes Magazine featuring “30 under 30’ Social Entrepreneurs of 2015”. Recently she has been elected as a member of the UNI panel for women empowerment and development.

Role of Fiza Farhan as a Member of UN Panel

Fiza Farhan was selected as a member of the first ever UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Economic Empowerment of Women. Being the member of the United Nation’s panel, she will interact with the leaders of International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, UN Women and various other important organizations related to gender equality. Fiza Farhan will also get to meet the finance and economics experts, leaders of trade union, global academics, government officials as well as business tycoons from all over the world.

The Agenda of United Nations for Women Empowerment and Development

The only aim of United Nation’s panel is to present certain suggestions to be executed in the Agenda for Sustainable Development for 2030. This agenda has the purpose of enhancing the economic and financial opportunities for women and in encouraging women leadership for driving a sustainable economic development. Some of the global objectives of the panel include encouraging secure and safe environment for all female workers including migrants especially those female migrants who are in precarious employment as well as the protection of labor rights.

These suggestions will be forwarded by the panel to allow the governments, leadership system of United Nations and stake holders of private sectors to take important decisions regarding women empowerment and sustainable development objectives.

Views About the Selection of Fiza Farhan

Fiza Farhan, while talking about her selection in the United Nations women panel claimed that she feels extremely honored for representing her country and its female sector at such a prestigious and high level platform. She believes this is the right time to involve global leadership and stimulate politicians for a call to action that will impact the economic empowerment of women.

Jamshed Kazi, the Pakistani country representative of United Nations women gave his opinion on Fiza’s appointment by mentioning that her advice will be taken as that of a global thought leader. He looks forward to the critical role of Fiza Farhan in improving the economic empowerment of women in Pakistan by aligning with the women’s mandate of United Nations.