Pakistan is considered to be a rich country in terms of its cuisines and culture. Pakistan is a country that has got a lot of diversified cultures and individuals associated with it. This is the biggest reason due to which it brings a variety of wonderful and alluring concepts of culture, clothing, traditions, and food. The enriched country has got some of the most astounding and relishing cuisines from all around the world. Pakistani Cuisines are in fact the lesser-known food in the sub-continent but are enrich in diversified and delectable flavors.

Food Culture in Pakistan: Uniqueness Of The Flavours

Food tends to be a religion for the Pakistani People, every city and even a small village in Pakistan is famous for some of its special cuisine. The food culture of every area is the main reason behind the flavorful food in Pakistan. The unique range of geography, ranging from steep desserts to mountain peak hillocks, creates a wide range of exquisite recipes all with a unique and flavoursome taste.

Pakistani Food culture is hard to explain, but we can put some of the aspects in front of our audience so that they can get an idea about what Pakistani Cuisine really tastes like. So, here is a list of savoury food along with the speciality of being a cultural cuisine that we are going to explore today.

Multan’s Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa is among six presents for which Multan is known for. A popular Persian statement incorporates dust, warmth, homeless people and graveyards as the four different endowments of Multan.

Sohan Halwa, Food, Tradition, Multan

This Sweet is famous because of it’s enriching flavor and taste. The city has got an international level of fame due to this sweet temptation. According to one theory, Sohan Halwa was named after a Hindu in the subcontinent, and his name was Sohn Ram. Another theory depicts the theory that Sohan Halwa name comes after an Iranian City named as Sohan, as Multan has remained an immense trading state in the past. The halwa traveled with the Traders of Iran and thus became a speciality of the ancient city, Multan.

Vinegary Achaar: Special Munch From Hyderabad

A rupture of Aroma strikes one’s arrival in typical Hyderabad colonies. Hyderabad is a place famous for its lip-smacking dishes and In that, no one can ignore the different varieties of Achaar that are specially made them. Pickles in Hyderabad are made in a unique and flavoursome way and are available in different shops of the city.

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There are different varieties  of achaar that are available on every shop of the Hyderabad, the diversion includes “Aam ka Achaar” or “mango Pickel”, the most tantalizing one, “Tarkari ka Achaar” or we can say “Vegetables Pickle”, “Lemoo ka Achaar” Or “Lemon Pickle” and so much more unique additions in this Pickle family.

Chakwal’s Crispy and Crackly Rewari

Rewari is a crunchy and scrumptious sesame sweet which is generally eaten in colder climates. It was originated from the areas of Assam and Maharashtra. To make it, gur, or jaggery, is first blended with glucose and afterward dissolved.

Rewari, rewari sweet, chakwal food

The crunchy, chewy desserts are generally eaten around evening time, after supper and in cold weather as dry food. The taste is synchronously derived from the locals that prepare the rewari in a unique and worthful way.

Hareesa: The Specialty Of Kashmir

Hareesa is a good-to-go cuisine in the city of Pakistan, Kashmir. Usually in the cold mornings of Winters. The flavor of the food usually gives a cozy sensation and this keeps the people warm in the most subzero temperature of the valley.  This broth-like dish just looks like Haleem, but the taste of both differentiates each other.

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Hareesa Originally came to Jammu and Kashmir through the Middle Eastern Muslims that came and settled themselves in the subcontinent. The dish got fame at that time and Kashmiri’s adapt the dish due to the easily available ingredients, locally.

City Of Garden’s Specialty: Nehari

When you are in Pakistan, Nehari is considered to be the Champion of the Breakfast.  The best place to eat nihari is Lahore, The city of Gardens. Nihari is a rich meal or basically a rich stew, from the Indian Subcontinent, full of meal and a load of clarified butter.

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Charsi Tikka From Peshawar

Peshawar is considered to be one of the most ancient cities of Asia, being the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. People of Peshawar are extremely famous because of their hospitality and making a feeling of being at home. The foods and cuisines of Peshawar serve to be an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Peshawar, Charsi Tikka, Famous, Tikka Recipe, Tikka, food culture in Pakistan

Due to the perfect aroma and eccentric taste, “Charsi Tikka” is considered to be the famous food of Peshawar. The Special cooking techniques by the Peshawar Locals are inherited by their forefathers who have worked in this field.

Taste Savory Biryani From Karachi

Here comes an evergreen classic that literally needs no introduction at all. If you are a Die-Hard fan of biryani, then no doubt that you will get this perfect dish from the city of lights, Karachi. So, Biryani, in short, comprises of a deliciously irresistible blend of flavours, spices, and succulent aroma.

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Though Biryani seems to be a famous and indigenous dish in Pakistan, it was originally originated from quite far away. Originally Biryani was concocted from west Asia. So whenever you start a crave for biryani and you are visiting Karachi, surely go and grab some. 

Food Culture in Pakistan: Pakistani Cuisine in A Nutshell

Pakistani cuisine is famous for its perfect aroma and special taste. Whenever you get time to visit Pakistan or cities here in Pakistan, do visit some of the Food Streets to satisfy your Cravings for food.