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Training & awareness sessions for Foodpanda riders were conducted in Lahore; in collaboration with The Punjab Traffic Police. The initiative of the sessions was to encourage riders to understand traffic laws and regulations, along with knowing how to tackle certain hurdles. 

The session was conducted by Inspector Fehmida from the Educational branch of Punjab Police. She talked about the statistics of traffic accidents and emphasized the value of safety.

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She stated, “According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, 9,701 traffic accidents occurred in 2019-20 in Pakistan of which 4,294 were in Punjab. This reflects the gravity of the situation which is why all of us need to realize our civic responsibility.”

The session continued with working through suitable strategies for Foodpanda riders. In the end, she thanked Foodpanda for taking this step.

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“It’s extremely important to have proper training and awareness to reduce the number of accidents and for that support from foodpanda in making our roads safer is commendable.”

The head of logistics at Foodpanda, Haider Malik, reveals the reason and importance of the session. He elaborated how Foodpanada treats and regards their rides since they are one of the most significant assets of the brand and encourages companies to care for their employees the same. 

“At foodpanda our priority is to ensure the health and safety of our stakeholders. This training session aims to create a positive social impact not only on the riders themselves but also on their families and the overall society. Our collective aim is to help develop thriving and resilient communities as part of a secure, long-term vision.”