Wishing you a happy and memorable teenagers phase but the real question is that are you really making it worth remembering for yourself as you grow up? Well it has already started ringing bells in your mind because that is something that we tend to experience in one particular phase of our teenage years. We are so indecisive that we simply can’t figure out what to do next and how to make our time special. No need to feel so worried anymore. The article answers all your questions and will provide the best fun filled activities that you can try out any time.

Teenagers phase should be considered as a special part of your life. As you gradually transform from being a little child to a person who really starts understanding the way things work in the outside world. Let us make it even more simple for your understanding. Back in time, some of you got really annoyed by waking up in the morning to go to school and take classes. Whereas, the other always found it special outshining in your classes with outstanding grades. School time got even more special during inter-class breaks where you could simply play your favorite games with your friends or just gossip about everything happening in life. Those moments felt great.

However, everything started to change once you realized that going to school meant something. Your parents were preparing you to take on the world being your best selves. This time was the precursor to the time where you will be taking some life changing decisions changing your life forever. Dear teens, this is the teenagers  phase where you start aiming to be someone in future and start fostering the skills to become worthy for taking on the professional roles in life. Some of you have already started getting scared with what is to come in the article.

This was just one side of the coin. Teenagers phase is the time when you can chew the hardest of culinary delights without worrying of losing any milk teeth because by this time you have lost all of them. Somatotropin, also known as the growth hormone, gets activated and you witness rapid growth happening inside your body. You grow tall, become extra conscious regarding your attire and daily choices of color combination because you wish to present the best persona of yourself before your friends.

The boys sleep at night with their old baby voice and feel astonished to hear someone else on the very next day. That is because their vocals are developing to sound more like their elder siblings or probably like their dads. The same holds true for girls sounding like their moms as they enter their teenagers phase. We can also witness some emerging changes in the behavior of teenagers as some of these young boys and girls grow up with a belief that now they can take their own decisions and would also be held accountable for their misdeeds instead of being considered innocent.

Conversely, there are others who either consult or always follow the advice of their parents and teachers while making life changing decisions especially related to their future career. Thus, being one of the teenagers is a very special moment of your life and you gotta keep it that way to discover your true self and potential. Only then can you anticipate success in every walk of life. Many of you pay too much attention to facial hair and changes in the body. Simply take it as something natural which happens with everyone. Nothing unusual and it should never come in your way towards success.

In general, we consider ourselves as either introvert or extrovert based on our regular routine and lifestyle. Both poles would always find their opposite as strange and unusual based on their habits and hobbies. But we tend to waste our precious pointing fingers at others instead of discovering our true selves and cherish our persona the way it has been created by God. Nothing can be better than being thankful for all the blessings that you already have and enjoy each day as the best and a day that would never return again in your life. If you follow this approach and look back at yourself each year, you will find yourself improving and a better person every next year. 

How To Discover Your True Potential As a Teenager?

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Some of you might still be wondering who we actually are and which direction we ought to take. You will be surprised to know that spending just a few minutes thinking about yourself critically would save many years of wasting time in future as you already carved out a path for yourself. But where to get started? Let us begin the journey.

SWOT Analysis

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No need to get surprised. The term itself is no rocket science as it is an abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Take a notebook and a pen. You can also use your laptop and even your smartphone. The point to ponder is self exploration. Divide the piece of paper into four quadrants and write one of these four words in different quadrants to have one on all four. The next stage involves deep contemplation where you require your me time to sit back and relax in a quiet place. If your house stays noisy all the time, you can do the exercise just before your bedtime if you are sure no one would be watching their favorite series on netflix.

Start from all the stuff you like doing time and again whenever you get some free time from your studies or daily routine. Be it your favorite virtual game or outdoor activity, jot it down as it’s important. You never realized but there is a talented sports person inside you ready to do wonders at the earliest opportunity. Some of you like talking with friends and even on mobile. In your case, there might be a budding vlogger getting ready with all the equipment needed to record the first video and publish it on youtube. If you have just written about cooking, health, fitness and skin care within your strengths, imagine how helpful you can be for society if you turn your hobby into a profession. All you require is the appropriate training to give your best in the latter part of your life. 

Next, think of all the fears which have always haunted you and acted as an impediment in your way. Jott these down in the next quadrant of weaknesses as you have to eradicate these forever from your life.  Many of you would be thinking that we lack confidence to speak before the audience. As mentioned, it is a problem faced by many and is uprooted with practice and commitment. Some of you may not like to socialize and prefer staying indoors. Nothing is wrong with that either. Just write it down as the exercise is meant to reflect and reveal your true self. 

The third quadrant is interesting as it belongs to discovering all the opportunities which are directly connected to your strengths. For example, you can write down opening or joining a restaurant if you have already mentioned cooking within your strengths. You can open a beauty salon, spa and so much more if you are in for skincare, beauty, health, and fitness. An indoor gym can also be a great option for you to mention here if you are serious about health, hygiene, and fitness. 

Lastly, think of all possible threats which are somehow related to the weaknesses that you mentioned in the second quadrant. These are your primary kill zones where you have to be extra cautious and overcome all the barriers coming your way while reaching your destiny. 

Top 10 Activities That Teenagers Can Try in Pakistan

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Now that you have discovered yourself after carrying out the much needed SWOT analysis, it is time to unlock the door that remains shut for quite a while. Begin teenagers phase with adventures taking guidance from the given top ten fun filled activities just for you. 

Go For A Hike

If you reside in Islamabad, then you are one lucky person blessed with the beautiful margalla hills offering vast lush green landscapes and valleys that you can behold once you reach the top. There are multiple tracks which lead towards the famous La Montana and Monal Restaurant. Therefore, if you are health conscious and have been doing exercises, then gather some friends and even your family if you all are habitual of walking. It will take around two to three hours with some breaks on your way to reach the top. But once you are there, order a special platter consisting of assorted meals so you can taste all the dishes in a single meal. You have already started imagining. Time to initiate a plan on your whatsapp group.

Watch a Cricket Match in Stadium

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The prevailing pandemic has certainly affected our social lives keeping us restricted within our homes. However, observing all the SOPs as instructed by the government alongside getting vaccinated limits our chances of getting infected. Thus, we can plan out activities with our friends to have fun including a plan to watch PSL matches happening in Pakistan. If you are living close to any of our national cricket stadiums, then you must take the experience of watching a live cricket match once in your lifetime. Its so much fun to see all the stars in front of your eyes. The support of the crowd for both teams makes the experience extra special. Grab your tickets before they get sold. 


If you have a bicycle that is locked up for months or even years, then the time is here to take it out. You can find various facebook cycling groups  which are organizing events weekly and monthly. Joining their group would keep your spirit alive and you will also get the opportunity to make some new friends. Although it may appear difficult in the beginning but your muscles will develop in days and then you will become a master cyclist and enjoy cycling across your city keeping the environment nice and clean.

Trip to Northern Areas

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For this sky’s the limit. Have a discussion with your friends to discover all the places that are near and feasible for your very first trip. Keep all the necessary equipment including the first aid kit so that you are able to take good care of yourself and your friends. Enjoy a healthy adventure towards Galiyat, Swat, and even Kashmir. 

Arrange a BBQ Party

This is so much fun whether you go with your friends or family. You tend to learn a lot starting by setting the coal on fire followed by putting the chunks of mutton and beef meat over the seekh. You can never forget the fan to speed up the cooking process. Make a wrap of these roasted chunks in naan and enjoy. You will feel the flavor of your hands as you also contributed in the entire process.

Historical Sites for the Lovers of History

Pakistan has numerous forts located in different areas for the fans of history and archeology. The ancient civilizations have left a lot for us to discover and explore within their relics. There is much to discover in Taxila, Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Rohtas, Altit, and Baltit forts. There are many others not mentioned here but each one of these is a chapter of history in itself. Just pay a visit to these historical sites. And you will be mesmerized to see the grandeur of these extinct civilizations. 

Online Gaming

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There was a time when hearing the word LAN would surprise us all as we were able to connect with so many people to play virtual games altogether through a single server. This network has broadened to the next level. Now international gaming competitions are arranged where you can participate from your own country. Get inspired by the journey of Arsalan Ash who has simply surprised the whole world by defeating Koreans within their own game. That is the talent that is hidden in our country and needs parental and government support to make the whole nation proud. However, you can participate in these fun-filled events just for enjoyment even if you are not looking forward to pursuing it as a career. 

Start a Youtube Channel

Your mind is blowing with ideas but you can’t find anyone with whom you can simply share all your thoughts. You forgot youtube, a place where the world is waiting to discover you. No need to wait any further. Grab your mobile phone, start recording yourself and publish your first video on youtube. Just stay consistent as your channel will be ranked and discovered gradually and steadily.

Start a Home Based Business

If your teenagers like baking and get appreciation from all their friends and family for the lovely cakes. They can bake at everyone’s birthday, create a Facebook page and write a catchy description to attract more consumers to that page. Ask friends to share the link to your page among their circle of friends. You will start getting orders in a short span of time. 

Learn New Skills

There are innumerable free online courses available for you. Select the ones which are in high demand and go with your hobbies and interests. If you like art, go for graphic designing and start making money by making logos and designing for your clients. Learn Data Science and help companies discover their potential consumers. Create an account on freelancing sites and start selling your services.