Pakistan holds a strategic location.  Gwadar is one of those areas, which makes the country strategic. Moreover, there is the Silk Road passing in the middle of vast mountain ranges. Next, Pakistan provides access to warm waters for various countries, particularly China.

All these factors have contributed to the development of Gwadar as the port city of Pakistan. Many of you would never have even heard of Gwadar port before. It lay in the province of Baluchistan and had no significance. It has recently come into the limelight because of the development happening there. This area directly connects the country with the Arabian Sea too. 

Gwadar, The Future of Pakistan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan recently called Gwadar the future. This statement is very true. The area is very significant in boosting Pakistan’s economy, tourism, and finance. It can help the country in coming out of debt too.

Gwadar Port is a game-changer for Pakistan. It offers warm waters for shipping. It will connect countries as a trade route to reach the international markets. Resultantly, the new Gwadar Port has paved for a brighter Pakistan. Let us look into some of the development projects beneficial for Pakistan.

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Industrial ExpansionDevelopment in Pakistan, Tourism in Pakistan, port city

Gwadar port remained under Omani rule, at the start. It became part of Pakistan after some negotiations. Currently, it is undergoing the second phase of development in Pakistan which started in the year 2007. Phase one was mostly concerned with connecting the major road networks. The present phase will establish a special economic zone, a desalination plant, a 300 MW thermal power plant, and a new airport. All of these things would give access to markets, promote tourism, and contribute to the industrial expansion of Pakistan.

Increase in Pakistan’s GDPgwadar port importance, Investment in Gwadar, Gwadar sea port

GDP reflects a country’s export to import ratio. It determines any country’s economic growth and stability. The development of new industries in Gwadar would enhance production. It will increase the export of goods. As a result, local companies would get higher investment opportunities. They would be able to sell their products and services to international markets. The increase of foreign currencies and exchange reserves would also increase Pakistan’s GDP.

Reduction in Pakistan’s Financial LossPakistan's economy, economic development, business in pakistan

Pakistan’s debt keeps increasing. The country takes new loans from the IMF to clear the dues. The industrial expansion of local products would help in paying this debt. It will develop the interest of international customers to try Pakistani goods. As a result, the increase in the country’s exports will help in covering the financial loss. Thus, Gwadar will transform the country’s economy.

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Fulfilling the Energy DemandsEnergy Demands, electricity, electric supply

Pakistan requires an estimated 25000 MW of electricity. This demand comes from the residential and commercial sectors. The current capacity is 22000 MW. This causes blackouts in the country. The construction and installation of new power plants will help in solving this problem. New electricity routes in Gwadar will help in fulfilling the energy demands. It will aid in increasing the productivity of the nation too.

Providing New Sources of Freshwatertourism, gwadar beaches, Industrial Expansion

The monsoon season causes flooding in the country. This happens every year. A proper system is needed to solve this issue. Karachi is severely affected by torrential rains of the monsoon season. All the roads get flooded with dirty water. The freshwater supplies also get contaminated. Gwadar will help in correcting this system. It will provide fresh water from the desalination plant. This act would help the residents of Karachi. It would save numerous lives too.

Promoting Tourism across Pakistanfreshwater, tourism, tourists in pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with scenic beauty at its north. Multiple world heritage sites are scattered across the country. The development of Gwadar Port would open a new space for tourists. The construction of this port would be good news for all. People would like to visit this place from all over the world. This will help in enhancing Pakistan’s strategic position in the world. Pakistan will see a great increase in tourists too. People will know about other locations of the country too. These will include the lakes and forts of the country as well.

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Opening Employment Opportunities for Pakistani Youth

Many Pakistani young graduates move to other countries. They get disappointed as they are unable to find jobs in Pakistan. The development of Gwadar will open job opportunities in various sectors for the Pakistan youth. They will prefer to stay in the country.

Thus, the port city will be a game-changer for Pakistan. Everyone will look forward to visiting this place. We hope to see this happy Pakistan soon!