Gauss Auto Group, Electric Vehicle Plant, Pakistan

In Pakistan, a Chinese company plans to build an electric vehicle plant. Similarly An electric vehicle plant is being built by a Chinese business. Auto Group, based in China, intends to form. a joint venture with AKD Group Holdings to establish a plant in Port Qassim. Gauss Auto Group, based in China, announced plans to build an electric. vehicle (EV) production unit in Pakistan’s Special Economic Zone on Thursday (SEZ).
According to a press release published by the Board of Investment, it seeks to partner with AKD. Moreover Group Holdings in forming a shared venture. and build the factory near Karachi’s Port. Qassim on 1,000 acres of land (BOI).  Hence Gauss Auto specialises on vehicle invention and development, as well as resource integration. It based in Shanghai, China, and registered in Silicon Valley, California.
Gauss Motors’ Initiative
Gauss Auto CEO Chen Feng and AKD Group CEO Nasir Rizwan led. a group to the BOI, where they forgathered. with Chaudhry Salk Hussain, the Federal Minister. in charge of the Board of Investment, and Farina Mazhar, the BOI Secretary.

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The delegation also emphasised their desire to export electric. vehicles built in Pakistan to other countries. The company conducted a full tour of their manufacturing plant and told BOI. leadership about the various sorts of cars they already make.
Secretary BOI briefed the delegation on Pakistan’s implemented Electric Vehicle Policy. which benefits both existing and new manufacturers. The BOI’s leadership pushed Gauss Car Group to enter Pakistan’s vehicle. market and offered the company the best possible aid and support.
The team stated that they intend to export built electric. vehicles to other countries. Moreover A presentation provided about the group’s manufacturing facility and the. vehicle variants that were already produced.

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Pakistan Electric Policy
Its worth mentioning that on December 22, 2021, the federal cabinet approved. Pakistan’s first Electric Vehicle Policy. Similarly The minister and secretary urged Gauss Car. Group to engage in Pakistan’s auto industry and they provided the company.Similarly with the best possible support and help. To answer their technical. questions on the government’s EV policy and, to build a manufacturing plant on AKD. Holding’s site in Karachi.
The BOI has also scheduled a meeting with the CEO of the Engineering Development. Board (EDB) on Friday (today) to examine the plant’s technicalities and requirements.