Beauty Products, Ostruce Oil , Skin care

Get Essential Body Treatment and Care with Ostruce Oil and Beauty Products

Now you can get essential body treatment and care with Ostruce oil and beauty products.

Beauty Products, Ostruce Oil , Skin care

A Man’s Vision and Ostriches

Mr. Shahid Jamal Kazi wanted to introduce Ostrich farming as the next big solution for the betterment of society. His goal was to build a new and reliable community that could be built around this magnificent bird, by equipping the entire supply chain of producers, marketers, and distributors.

Thus, he developed his brand “Ostruce” which carries on the vision that even the smallest acts of caring can transform the lives of nations. Ostruce continues to work towards equipping farmers and entire supply chains by building a marketplace for its line of skincare products. Also training and educating farmers in sustainable farming and educating them on how to properly care for their livestock.

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Ostrich Oil and Ostruce Skin Care

  • It’s used to restore and support the skin. As the fatty acids in the oil encourage the growth of skin cells. And the vitamins in the oil help to revitalize the skin giving it a healthier, softer, and younger feel.
  •  Acts as a luxurious moisturizer. The oil penetrates the skin and enters the deepest parts, which results in more long-lasting relief. It also has the added benefit to clothes, of not being greasy or sticky, it can also be used multiple times.
  • Helps in the anti-aging process. Since it reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes and provides a youthful appearance, by encouraging the skin cells to grow faster.

Also protects and strengthens the nervous, cardio, and immune systems by adjusting blood pressure, heart rate, and inflammation. The Omega 3 Fatty Acids provide the advantage of adjusting and increasing metabolism. Moreover, they also help maintain the body’s reproductive system and function. It also strengthens our bodies’ defense to fight diseases and infections.

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