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It is no secret that mothers play a vital role in our lives. They are our first teachers and our protectors, and they sacrifice so much for us. That is why Mother’s Day is such an important holiday. It is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives and to show them how much we appreciate everything they have done for us. This year, Pakistan’s leading company, EBM-Gluco, decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in a very special way.

They released an advert entitled ‘Kaise Ho Maa’, which told the story of mothers who are judged on a daily basis for their parenting styles. The ad was very moving and it really captured the hearts of people all over Pakistan. It showed that mothers are constantly under scrutiny. Constantly judged by others on their parenting choices, and even when they are doing their best, it can feel like they are falling short.

The response to the advert has been overwhelming, with people calling it one of the most emotional ads they have ever seen.

In our society, mothers are expected to be perfect. They are expected to have everything under control, and their children should be well-behaved and well-mannered. However, the reality is that mothers are human too, they also need rest and peace of mind. Society needs to be more understanding and accepting of mothers, lest we continue to add to their burdens.

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This year in honor of Mother’s Day, Gluco Pakistan is calling for an end to the judgment of mothers. We believe that every mother deserves to be celebrated, not mocked or criticized. We hope that by bringing attention to this issue, we can help to make motherhood a little bit easier for all the moms out there.

From now on, let’s make every day a mother’s day by simply swapping a few words around. Instead of asking mothers “Kaisi Maa Ho,” which can burden them with guilt, let’s ask them “Kaisi Ho Maa?” and see if they need a hand, a break, or just to hear something positive for a change.

Gluco Pakistan is definitely changing the narrative with this advert, and we can only hope that other companies will follow suit.

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Thank you, Gluco Pakistan, for making Mother’s Day truly special this year.

And lastly making every day a #HappyMothersDay, we can show mothers how much we care all year round.

Thanks, mothers, for everything!