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Since early 2017, Google has been expanding its Android earthquake alerts system to new countries. The system originally went live in the United States, and since then it has been gradually expanding to other countries. Recently, the Android earthquake alerts system was expanded to Pakistan.

Google Maps’ Android Earthquake Alerts Program:

The search giant said that Google Maps’ Android Earthquake Alerts Program is a “no-cost, helpful Android feature that detects earthquakes around the world and alerts people”.

Google further stated that it uses sensors in Android smartphones to detect seismic events. “The system uses accelerometers in active Android smartphones to detect seismic activities,” it said, adding that people are alerted in two ways — via search and directly on the Android mobile device itself. “The system provides near-instant information to Google Search.” The statement says.

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Android Earthquake Alerts System in Pakistan Now:

The alerts system will send notifications to people in Pakistan who have downloaded the app about earthquakes in the country. This is an important step for the Pakistani people, as they will now have access to vital information about earthquakes in their area. The Android earthquake alerts system will provide them with information about earthquakes that are occurring near their location, as well as information about past earthquakes in their area.

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This information can be critical in helping people stay safe during an earthquake. It can also help them recover more quickly after an earthquake occurs. By providing this information to the people of Pakistan, Google is helping to make their lives safer and easier.

Earthquake alerts are an important way to keep people safe. Google’s expansion of this system to Pakistan is a good move.