Dear brides. If you are worried about what to wear for your winter wedding, then read ahead!

We know that the approaching winter season will make you worried. You must be wondering what I should wear to look good on your big day. The winter season brings chilly winds. In this case, it becomes impossible to wear light fabric. You will need clothes which are comfortable and protective from the cold season. At the same time, you would desire to look perfect too. Well, don’t worry we are here to guide you on what to wear. All the latest trends for Winter Bridals in Pakistan have been explained here.

Winter Bridals in Pakistan

The wedding day is filled with immense emotions. Because, the bride is happy and sad at the same time. She is excited to start a new life with her husband. At the same time, she is sad because she has to leave her parents. Her wedding is the place where she is the center of attention. People gather to see her. This is her moment to shine. This is why girls want to look their best on this day. Also, this pressure to look the best often makes them confused.

We are here to help future brides avoid this confusion. Our purpose here is to help you make the choice. Also, we will share some unique combinations and styles. These suggestions are based on what the top Pakistani designers recommend. So let’s start discussing what the latest winter bridal trends are!

Bridal CoutureBridal Couture

The ramp walk at Bridal Couture in Pakistan is the best place to look for the latest designs. It gives a complete idea on the Pakistani Bridal scenario. They show you models wearing designer dresses. This ramp walk tells you how the dresses look and what fabric they are using. Above all, the event shows work from the best designers of Pakistan. This event is a landmark forum which sets the trends for the next year.

The country is proud of its emerging bridal fashion industry. There are many famous designers. They have developed a good name for themselves throughout the world. The list includes all big names. They include the following:

And so many more. Each of these designers have a unique style of their own. The field of fashion requires creativity and uniqueness. Thus, these fashion designers have been able to create a good name for themselves. This has been done because of their unique designs.

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How are Pakistani Bridals Unique? Pakistani Bridals

The Pakistani bridal designs are very different from the Indian styles. In one glimpse, the styles may seem similar. But, if you see the dresses in detail, you will notice extreme differences. Indian brides usually go for bold colors and big designs. The dresses are laden with huge motives and florals.

Another major difference is that Pakistani brides do not show their midriff area. Belonging to the Muslim culture, they tend to cover that area. But, Indian brides usually flaunt their midriff area in their dresses. Pakistani bridal dresses usually have two-third sleeves covered with fabric. But, Indian bridals can be sleeveless too.

Pakistani bridal dresses usually have abstract, geometric or floral designs. Indian bridals can have images of animals, symbolism or personified designs on them. This is also a clear cultural difference between the two countries.

The use of veils is also different. In Pakistani bridal dresses, the bride usually wears the dupatta on her head. The dupatta is heavy and long which follows the bride like a tail. It gives her a fairy-like or princess-like look. But, Indian brides’ dupatta is not supposed to be worn on the head. They can adorn the dupatta sideways on the shoulder too.

Talking about jewelry, the Indian brides tend to go for bigger jewelry. Head jewelry like matha patti is a must for Indian brides. For Pakistani brides, smaller and elegant jewelry is preferred. Also most Pakistani brides cover their heads with dupatta. Also, this is why the neck jewelry and tika are more important in their case.

Mehndi BridalsMehndi Bridals, Pakistani bridals

The Mehndi event in a Pakistani wedding holds great importance. In this event, closed ones gather to apply henna on the hands of the bride and groom. They dance and sing to celebrate the couple’s union. The groom usually wears shalwar qameez. The bride wears a brightly colored traditional dress. Aso, the dress may have light jewelry. The bride may also adorn jewelry made of flowers too. The jewelry depends on the cultural region she belongs to. In addition, the ritual of henna application is supposed to bring good luck to the couple.

In this event, the Pakistani Bridal wear is significant too. This is because the bride is the center of attention here. The latest trend of colors for Mehndi functions are many choices. Let’s discuss them one by one. Zaheer Abbas’ designs recommend blending the mustard yellow color with white color. The dress should be adorned with embellishments and embroidery. But, the work should not be too heavy. The idea is to keep the dress dreamy and light for the bride.

Another recommendation for Mehndi is the olive green or mehndi green color. The Pakistani bride can wear this unique color and merge it with a maroon shade for her mehndi. This recommendation was shared by Saira Rizwan’s designs. Her bridal dresses recommend the lehnga choli style for mehndi function. Also, she recommends detailed embroidery on the lehnga. The lehnga and dupatta can be in olive green color. While, the choli could be in maroon color.

Usually brides wear yellow and green colors for their mehndi function. But, Fahad Hussayn recommends a different shade for Pakistani brides. His work blended the shade of bronze with magenta color. This combination makes the bridal look regal and royal. The designer recommends going for a shirt which is mid-length. Also, this shirt can be worn with a shalwar, lehnga or gharara. The mid-length shirt helps the bride move with comfort. The color combination can make the Pakistani bride look exceptional on her mehndi.

If you are fond of mixing colors, then follow Fahad Hussayn’s style. Above all, he loves to mingle vibrant shades together. The combinations which he recommends include:

(1) Mixing of dark orange with dark pink or hazel shades

(2) Blending rust with bluish purple shades

(3) Going for panel designs in different color

These suggestions are suitable for the occasion of mehndi. So, if you are fond of mixing colors, go for these combinations. They will help you rock your whole look. Mehndi is all about colors. You can use the nature of this occasion to mix all your favorite shades.

Barat BridalsBarat Bridals

The day on which the Bride and Groom sign their nikkah-nama is the barat day. On this day, the groom takes the bride with him. Families from both sides join this happy occasion. They have lunch or dinner together. Also, they take pictures and congratulate the couple. The event ends with ‘rukhsati’ where the bride and groom leave the place together. Grooms wear a sherwani usually. Brides wear lehnga or gharara usually on this occasion. The usual color for this event is the color red.

The latest trends for Bridals on their Barat offer a fresh feel. The dresses are no longer restricted to the usual red color. Designers have brought unusual choices for Pakistani bridals.

Sahar Atif, for instance, took metallic colors as the base for her bridal dresses. She used silver grey color with bronze embellishment. The clothing style was a gharara which makes the entire dress unique from others.

For winters, the designers have recommended using pastel colors for the barat function. For example, Maria B recommends mixing blushing pink with a silver background. Also, she prefers to add embroidery in floral style using the peachy pink color. For her, pink color adds a feminine look to the dress. Her design blends the two colors really well.

If you are fond of dark colors for the barat event, then you can take Fahad Hussayn’s suggestion. His design recommends using the plum color as the base. He blends the plum base with olive green to create a unique bridal look. Above all, this dressing is perfect for the Pakistani brides looking to wear something different.

For the barat look, Sana Safinaz recommended the mix of shimmering embroidery. They like to play with cut works, zardozi, zari and dabka styles for 2021 bridal dresses. You can make use of this latest trend too.

For barat dresses, Umar Sayeed recommends his own take on color options. He advises to pick burgundy, magenta and plum for barat dresses. Lastly, he recommends ditching lehnga and going for shararas and ghararas for this season.

Aisha Imran’s recommendations come from Pakistan Fashion Week. She blends muted colors together to create an elegant look. Her designs include shades of brown, champagne, bronze and gold merged together.

Valima BridalsValima Bridals

The Valima event in Pakistani culture is like the concept of reception. The Bride and Groom act as hosts of the event. They welcome all the guests. A dinner or lunch is served. During this time, they meet their families. They take pictures. Families bring gifts and money to congratulate the couple. The event is a celebration of the marriage being completed. Above all, this event is part of the Muslims’ religion as well. Also, it is like a public announcement by the couple that now they are officially married.

Designers, like Zainab Chottani, recommend mixing two different pastel colors for the bride. Her designs mix baby pink and mint green together. Also, the bride is recommended to wear a lehnga. This trend is opposite to the previous trends. Usually, the bride wears a long frock or maxi to her Valima. But, designers recommend a medium length choli with a floor length lehnga. Zainab recommends baby pink colored choli with mint green dupatta. The embellishments and embroidery should be in contrast. This means that pink embroidery should be on the mint green dupatta. In the same way, green tinge embroidery should be on the baby pink lehnga choli.

If you do not want to go for a lehnga, then Maria B offers you more options to explore. The Valima Pakistani bridal, for Maria B, can adorn a Sari. She recommends using the silver color as a base and use grey embroidery on it. Also, the sari should be dazzling with sequence and heavy embellishments. According to Maria B, the sari is perfect for a bride who wants to blend a modern yet traditional look on her Valima.

Another interesting recommendation for Valima is coming from Nilofer Shahid. For her, the bride can make a statement by mixing baby pink with silver embroidery. For her a long floor length lehnga with a short choli is perfect. She prefers keeping the whole dress in one color. Also, this season her preference is for metallic colored embroidery. The base is pastel for her too, like the other designers. Nilofer also recommends wearing sharara rather than a lehnga. This is another way to show a very different look on your big day. The pastel base will help the floral embroidery stand out.

The other recommended colors include faun, ivory, crimson red and peach. Also Floral embroideries are trending on bridal dresses again. Gowns are still in fashion too. They are particularly opted for Valima bridals.

What to Avoid in Bridals?Pakistani Brides

While there are some amazing designs suggested by the Pakistani bride designers. But also there are some recommendations which you should avoid at all. These recommendations are particularly for the winter Pakistani bridals.

We recommend not to mix silver and red together. The dark background of red with an antique touch of silver makes the dress look old and overdone. It does not appear to look as fresh and different from the usual.

Designers recommend avoiding multi-panel frocks or a-line shirts with pants. This is a casual style of dressing, which should not be mixed with formal dresses. Also, a bride should wear stylish and fancy dresses. These styles can include:

(1) Lehnga

(2) Gharara

(3) Sharara

(4) Maxi

(5) Sari

Besides these, the designers have also recommended not to go over the top. For example, do not wear something that is against the traditional bridal looks. Use the traditional styles as base. Then, you can mix something new, modern or different on that base. This would help your look to stand unique and yet not too unfamiliar. You will see that people would love to copy your style on their big days.

We can’t help but notice one common trend here. All designers have tried to mix metallic shades as their base color for the bridal dresses. So, make sure not to ignore metallic shades this year! Include them in one way or another.

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Clothing MaterialPakistani Brides

When done with selecting the right color combination, start thinking about the material. The winter bridals need to have a comfortable material. The fabric should be strong enough to hold the embroidery and embellishment on it. Also, it should be warm enough to keep the bride comfortable during the whole day. This is why choosing a fabric for winter bridals can be a tricky business. Don’t worry. Lastly, we are here to guide you which fabric is best for this purpose.

Velvet Fabric

The best thing about velvet is its beautiful shine. Even if your dress has less embroidery on it, the fabric will have a shine and glamor of its own. Above all, designers recommend using this fabric for your big day. It is sturdy, strong and warm. You can pick all kinds of colors in this fabric. For mehndi, the designers recommend going for a golden olive green shade in velvet. But for barat, the bride can go for the usual blood red shade in velvet. Lastly for valima, she can opt for a light pink velvet shade.

Raw Silk

Another recommendation is the use of Raw silk. This fabric is sturdy and can hold the weight of the embellishments easily. The fabric has a natural shine to it and is dyeable. Raw silk is a thick fabric too. Brides can go for this fabric for their winter looks too. For mehndi, they can pick the olive green or mehndi green shade in it. And for barat, they can go for a maroon plum shade. But for valima, they can pick a metallic shade like silver or bronze.

Mixing Fabrics

Designers have also shown how to mix fabrics. The brides can wear heavy fabrics for their lehnga choli or maxi. But, they can make use of chiffon or net fabric for their dupatta. Also, this makes the dupatta easy to manage and light on the head. Also the dupatta will stay in an effortless manner too.

ConclusionPakistni bridals

We hope that this complete guide provides you with relevant information. Thus, use these tips and color combinations to get the perfect look. We have tried to gather all the recommendations from the Pakistani designers. So that, you don’t get confused and pick the style which appeals to you. At the end, whatever you choose, make sure to have confidence in your choice. Lastly, we would suggest to be happy. Reflect your happiness through your bridal dress. We wish you all the very best!

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