Big Hit of Hadiqa Kiani’s Song Janan

Brief History About the Song “Janan”

Somewhere in February 2010, Hadiqa communicated with an anonymous Pashto singer named Irfan Khan for coming up with a spicy remix of the song “Janan” sung by him. Surprisingly, the song turned out to be the biggest hit of Kiani and many people claim this song to have succeeded Hadiqa’s “Boohey Barian.” The most striking element of the melodious song is that it had accomplished over million views and likes on YouTube site within a couple of months.

Janan Becomes First Ever Pakistani Song to be Mentioned in an International Newspaper

Commendably, the applauding song was mentioned in Los Angeles Times. The success of this song is apparent as it’s the first ever Pakistani song to be described in a newspaper.

Tribute by Chinese Singer to Kiani

janan_pushto_song,  hadiqa_kiani_janan, Chinese_artist_singing_JananLately, a mind blowing Chinese singer called “Zhao Wei” has sung Hadiqa’s all time famous song “Janan”. The most awe inspiring point relates to a Chinese woman singing Janan in Pushto. The spectacular Chinese artist has won hearts by covering Hadiqa’s classic, Janan. Undoubtedly, she has proved that the art of music is not restricted to any boundary or culture.

Zhao has so beautifully and gracefully done the song Janan that it marks a great and stronger friendship bond between Pakistan and China. The most praiseworthy quality of the Chinese singer is her singing in other language so perfectly that people, who haven’t seen her, can’t tell the difference of a Pakistani or Chinese singer.

Chinese singer's Tribute to Hadiqa Kiani's…

Promotion of Pakistani Culture Through Janan

If you see the video critically, you’ll come across representation of Pakistan culture from the adorable and tuneful Chinese singer’s clothes, stage and song delivery. The energetic performance and gestures have added more value to the song converting it into a symbol of pride for Pakistan. The new version of “Janan” is widely liked and shows the brilliance of Chinese singer. Hadiqa must return the favor in future.