Not long back in April, Babar Azam made headlines within the sports realm. He topped the batsmen ranking within the ODI rankings. The Pakistani fans were third with joy. Their lead skipper was selected as the top-ranked among the millennial best skippers across the globe.

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The competition was a tough one to beat, including the top batsmen from England, India, and New Zealand. The margin between the second-best cover drive of Virat Kohli of India was minute enough to amount to 0.1% only of the votes received. Babar has been among the four fortunate ICC Hall of Fame flag bearers on behalf of Pakistan. Other three include Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, and Muhammad Yousuf. 

Why is Babar Azam Labeled as the Goat of Cricket World?

Here is how Babar Azam has proved himself worthy of being labeled as the GOAT of Cricket World:

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Being a talented individual is an incredible trait to be proud of. But being talented won’t be enough to prove to the world your worthiness. For Babar, the seedlings of success began to sprout the moment he had a firm belief in himself, his abilities, and his tactics. For him, it has been the self-confidence that has made him able to pull through difficult times. He’s able to do it with amazing stunts & shots. Only through his self-belief, he has been made the captain of the National Cricket Team of Pakistan within such a short time frame of 6 years since his debut. His unshakable belief in his amazing strikes, incredible feats, and extraordinary batting skills has earned him the shiny armor of the cricketing battlefield. 

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To be able to reach up the ladder of success, one has to adopt the skill of consistency to make one’s way forward through both thick and thin. Babar, in a short span of six years since his debut in May 2015, has escalated far quickly, which has been the feat achieved by very few fellowmen. In the Test matches, he has maintained an average of 42.9 while playing 63 innings, an average of 56.9 within 81 ODI innings whereas 46.9 average within 56 T20 matches. He has scored 55 half-centuries and 20 centuries on the total so far.

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If you wish to shine bright among the stars, you have to take a leap. Lead others from the front, while accepting the challenges and nullifying the doubts. Babar Azam has been doing it since the beginning of his career. He made everyone aware of how he aims to become the best of batsman. Being the best has been a daunting task. He has through his tremendous efforts and skillful sportsmanship has delivered more than anyone could anticipate. Starting off ODIs with a hundred, century within his third T20 to a record chase within his own league has proved his calibre to every critic.  

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No player has been able to master the art of sportsmanship. Unless he has been able to cover up for the weak spots and eliminate them. Since his inception, Babar Azam was unable to catch up with the longer-duration games as compared to the limited over ones. With his persistent efforts, he has become the best attacker in the town. No doubt he has been the winner within the shorter formats of cricket. He has mastered the feat of longer format games through reading the ball correctly, be it spin or pace.

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In order to be of value and worth, one has to show feats of valor at any stage of life and at any location. Babar Azam has shown great zeal for performance not on the home ground but abroad as well. For his invaluable performance across the globe, he is termed as one of the best contemporary batsmen. At a meager age of just 26, Babar Azam has shocked the world with stunning recent innings of 158 against England. Babar Azam achieved the top career ratings of 873 points. He is 16 points ahead of the second-top batsman, Virat Kohli!