Makeup is a very significant element in the majority of women’s lives. Cosmetics help in feeling fresh and confident. The ability to enhance the way you look enables women to feel powerful. Being a Muslim woman, you need to make sure that you are using cruelty-free and halal makeup.

Keeping this need in mind, there are many Pakistani brands that offer halal makeup products. This article lists all the major brands. 

Halal Makeup and Beauty Brands Worth Trying

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For comprehending the need and demand for makeup, it is significant to understand its trends and evolution. The requirement for cosmetics is centuries old and this demand came from both males and females throughout different eras. One interesting thing to note about these trends is the changes in makeup styles. So, let’s see what kind of changes have arrived with each era.

History of Makeup

The idea of makeup originated from Egypt with its first dynasty which ranges from 3100 to 2907 B.C. The remnants of this era have informed us of how people during this era used to have their scented jars where they used to keep ‘unguent’. This substance was used by both males and females to keep their skin supple, soft, and hydrated. Another benefit of unguent was its ability to keep wrinkles at a bay. Moreover, evidence has established the fact that women in Egypt used to make their eyes colorful application of a natural green ingredient. This entity used to give their eyes a deep, dark green shade.

Also, the women of this era used kohl to make their eyelashes black. This kohl was made out of soot or antimony, which are metallic elements. Later on, history tells us that it was the Jews who got influenced by the Egyptians and adopted these habits from them. The evidence for this is visible in Bible too, where a reference to painting faces has been made.

The fame of makeup and cosmetics picked by the Egyptians then reached the Romans. They started using cosmetics in the 1st century, A.D. Along with the usual application of kohl on their lashes; they used chalk to whiten their skin. Along with this, they used rouge, a red powdery ingredient, to color their cheeks. Moreover, they used pumice, a type of volcanic rock, to clean and whiten their teeth.

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The popularity of makeup soon reached Persia too. The women in Persia used henna, obtained from a plant, to color their hair. In the 6th century, women aspired to look pinkish on their faces. By the 13th century, women of the elite class started wearing pink lipstick to show that they have money enough to buy makeup for themselves.

In the Elizabethan times, English women used to rub egg whites on their faces. They did this to give their face a glazed and glowing look. In the 18th century, wearing red lipstick was considered a sign of being healthy.

People developed so much fondness for makeup that they even started using mercury and lead, which ruined hair, skin, and health. The proper practices for the safety of health of women started in 1910. Women started to focus on getting safer products. It was at this time that makeup started to be produced commercially. In this scenario, petroleum jelly was used by loads of women to enhance their eyelashes since it was a safer choice. Seeing this craze for mascara, a company that is presently known as Maybelline decided to create mascara commercially.

After this, pressed powders for making the skin tone even was introduced. Once this product became popular, the powdered blush started to be manufactured commercially. Soon after, the lipstick case was introduced and created by Maurice Levy. This caused lipsticks to come on the market.

For introducing a consciousness of skincare, the Nivea brand emerged in the country of Germany. These creams were blended with petroleum jelly and fragrance. Since then, more brands joined the makeup and skincare industry. This made the ladies particularly excited as they had multiple thousands of options to choose from.

Why Should Makeup be Halal and Cruelty-free? 

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Cruelty-free makeup products are those items that have not been applied to animals for testing purposes. These products have other methods for testing the safety of the product. Companies try to use organic products for ensuring that their product is safe to use. They usually ditch the insertion of harmful chemicals inside the products to keep them cruelty-free. This is a good feature to check whenever you are purchasing a cosmetic product.

Cruelty-free beauty products are trending these days. More and more cosmetic brand owners are switching to becoming cruelty-free. They are not only switching to it but are also promoting and marketing this idea. Here are a few reasons to opt for cruelty-free makeup items:

1. Healthier Option

These products do not have synthetic dyes, parabens, and sulfates. This is why they are cleaner for the skin. They are less likely to cause inflammation or breakout on the skin.

2. Mindful Decision

When you become critical in choosing your makeup products then you will be more mindful of what to pick for yourself. As a result, you are more likely to pick lesser products and avoid overcrowding your space.

3. Saving Animals

Products that are not cruelty-free are bound to test their products on animals. These animals include mice, cats, dogs, and rabbits. These experiments often end in causing them pain, blindness, or even death.

4. Bringing Change

As a community, we will start opting for Cruelty-free products. Then we will make the companies switch over to this option too. You should give money to a brand that is careful about the environment and your health too.

5. Saving Money

Many cruelty-free companies offer products at good prices. This is why you are able to save your money and save the animals too.

6. Countries are Banning Animal Testing

There are many countries around the world that have banned the very idea of animal testing. The countries which have done this amendment include Switzerland, Israel, New Zealand, India, European Union, and South Korea.

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Why Should We Use Halal Makeup?

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Ensuring that your cosmetic product is Halal means that it does not contain elements that have been marked as Haram in Islam. For a cosmetic product to be halal, each ingredient of the product should be halal. It should not contain ingredients that came from blood, the human body, pigs, predatory animals, insects, carrion, and reptiles. Ingredients can come from animals that are permissible to be slaughtered in Islam. This also includes makeup brushes. Their bristles should also be halal. Another requirement is storage. The products are should be prepared, stored, processed, and transported in hygienic conditions.

There should be no filth in these conditions. One more requirement for halal certification is that the company should be certified by an Islamic certifying body. This requirement is a tough one for many companies because it takes time and money. It takes time because certifying bodies take time in carefully check each ingredient to assess the halal processing. For a brand to be halal it should not contain the following ingredients:

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 Cruelty-Free and Halal Makeup Brands in Pakistan

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Here is a list of cruelty-free and halal brands in Pakistan

1. Masarrat Misbah

This is a local Pakistani brand. It has obtained halal certification as well. The tones of these products match the Pakistani women’s skin tones. This brand was launched by a famous Pakistani makeup artist by her name. Their silk foundations are particularly popular among buyers. The brand has a good variety of lipsticks and mascaras as well. The cosmetics they offer include pressed powder, blush, highlighters, contouring colors, brow palettes, eyeshade palettes, liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, lip oils, and lip varnishes.

2. Junaid Jamshed Note Cosmetics

The brand Junaid Jamshed is popularly known for its clothing. However, it has also gained popularity for its makeup products too. This brand launched these makeup items with the collaboration of another brand called NOTE Cosmetics. They are certified halal products and cruelty-free. The brand offers face, eye, and lip items. All the tones of their products go well with the Pakistani women’s skin tones. The products include eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow palettes, highlighter, makeup sponge, lip glosses, blushes, lipsticks, cream concealers, mineral foundations, bronzers, moisturizing foundations, BB creams, eye pencils, and eyeliners.   

3. 786 Cosmetics

This brand is a halal brand that deals specifically deals in nail polishes. The brand’s nail colors have been uniquely named. Each of the nail paint is based on a city around the world. This brand is accessible in Pakistan. They are cruelty-free, certified Halal, and vegan. The names of their nail polishes include Sakura, Himalayas, Kashmir, Agra, Dakar, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Jaipur, Lahore, Beirut, Baghdad, Kabul, Casablanca, Jakarta, Hyderabad, Dubai, Karachi, and Valencia.

4. Luscious Cosmetics

This is another halal brand that is vegan, halal, and cruelty-free. Their products give amazing pigmentation. People adore them for their high-quality products. The brand ensures quality in each item. It provides everything within a very affordable price tag. The brand ensures using natural and organic products within its products. The brand has products for the face, eyes, cheeks, brows, lips, brushes, and tools. 

5. Odho Cosmetics

This brand is being run by the famous actress and makeup artist Atiqa Odho. The brand is halal. It uses beeswax instead of animal fats to create its products. The products include eyeshades, blushes, and lipsticks. The color pigmentation of this product is amazing. The products’ prices are extremely reasonable and light on the pocket.

6. Bling by Nadia Hussain

This is a relatively newer brand in the Pakistani makeup scenario. However, it is halal certified and contains a very wide range of products. The online website regularly posts sales on different products every week. The products include Blenders, eyeliners, hair masks, palettes, liner gel, foundation, eye pencils, lip paints, makeup remover, primer, tints, pencil liners, lashes, and loose glitter shades.

Cruelty-free and Halal Makeup Brands Around the World

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Do you want to know more about different brands which are not Pakistani brands but are cruelty-free and halal? Then we most certainly have a list of those brands for you as well. Here are the most popular halal and cruelty-free makeup brands:

They have their online official websites which you can browse to know more about how to buy their products and what latest offerings they have.


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You can see how Pakistani brands are also becoming conscious of the environment, nature, and animals. This helps us understand how as consumers we should also make sensible choices. So, let’s make a good choice and start opting for halal brands. So, not only care about our health but also have responsible behavior towards animals and mother nature. This choice will make other makeup brands follow the cruelty-free and halal route as well. We hope that after reading this article you will be more conscious about your choices as a makeup consumer.

Whenever you are browsing for a halal makeup product, do read the ethical practices of the brand so that you are well aware of how the product is made and what processes it goes through. So let’s promise today to make conscious choices so that brands can follow our principles instead of us following them. Happy shopping!