Hall of Fame Pakistan Book Launched

by Hajra Saeed
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Hall of Fame Pakistan Foundation (HFPF)

The Hall of Fame Pakistan Foundation was established so it could serve as a platform which would work towards fulfilling the following objectives:

  • To preserve the nation’s history through highlighting the immense contributions made by our Icons, Heroes and Legends at national as well as international level.
  • To annually induct people on merit.
  • To develop a scholarship program.
  • To promulgate this concept at school, college and university level on to High Commissions as well.

How These Objectives Are Being Realized

The Hall of Fame Pakistan Foundation has initiated a three stage program to achieve its goals. The first stage was the recent launching of the Hall of Fame Pakistan book. This would be followed by a Virtual Hall of Fame Pakistan which is nearly completed. And finally the Hall of Fame Pakistan Museum will be built.

Hall of Fame Pakistan Book

Four committees comprising of over a 100 prominent professionals from different walks of life were involved in the nomination, selection and compilation, which they did with meticulous care during a span of more than two years, while the induction criterion was developed in keeping with international standards. The book covers five hundred personalities under eight different categories which are: Fine Arts, Literature, Media, Performing Arts & Entertainment, Philanthropy & Social Entrepreneurs, Science & Technology, Sports as well as Young Heroes.

This book is a timely endeavor that has been undertaken; so to create a positive effect and give our people a renewed sense of pride in our heritage. Furthermore it would provide our youth with role models that would inspire them to make Pakistan a progressive nation.

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