It was December 2, 2020 that a single tweet by Hamza Ali Abbasi, the renowned actor, and director, brought a storm. It led to critical discussions and blog posts on social media. The conspicuous star of Pyarey Afzal and Mann Mayal has broken the news that he will stay inactive from acting in the forthcoming. He wants to concentrate on his journey towards spirituality. Hamza is writing a book on God and wishes to complete it by the mid of 2021. Our best wishes and prayers are for the public figure in completing his project. But, how it all started is the question that we wish to answer in the upcoming discussion.

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His Life

Born in 1984, Hamza Ali Abbasi completed his Bachelors from USA in International Relations. He completed Masters’s Degree from Quaid-i-Azam University followed by successfully joining the civil services after qualifying for the CSS Exams. After serving the Police Services, he left the civil services to follow his passion in the domain of direction, acting and film-making. He got early fame from his role as Afzal in the aforementioned drama followed by his entry into the world of films with an acclaimed performance in The Glorious Resolve directed by Bilal Lashari.

Furthermore, Hamza Ali Abassi was rewarded with Best Star Debut Male and Best Supporting Actor in ARY Film Awards for outstanding performance in the movies, Waar and Main Hoon Shahid Afridi. He has also voiced animated characters for kids’ animated series.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Political Affiliationreligious book, understanding God, hamza ali abbasi css

Hamza has also supported the mission and motives of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf, one of the leading political parties of Pakistan. Due to his consistent affiliation, he was given the role of being the cultural secretary of the party. However, he left this position based on his perspective that he is not presenting the true culture of Pakistan through the roles taken by him in different movies.

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The Shift Towards SpiritualityActor Hamza Ali Abbasi, Pyare afzal actor, Alif Drama

The turn of events started to come into the limelight with his announcement of getting disentangled from his passion of acting in search of God and his contemplation on spirituality. This transformation was followed by his aforementioned announcement that his book on Monotheism will be available in June 2021 that stormed into social media. A series of questions started to circulate in the digital platforms to explore what that book has to offer on which Abbassi came into the headlines again with 23 minute youtube video titled From Atheism to Islam.

Hamza’s New Outlookpakistani authors, pakistani books, pakistani literature

According to the messages that Hamza Ali Abbasi conveyed on the digital media, all the trophies he has won stand as the symbol of all the hard work. He has done this to achieve his goals and objectives. Nevertheless, these plaques and souvenirs would be nothing more than a decoration piece after his death. In other words, his achievements mean everything to him from this life’s perspective. But, it would all fade with his passing away into the hereafter. Thus, his focus has now shifted towards understanding the reality of God. He’s interested to know the purpose behind the creation of this universe. From now onwards, Hamza Abbassi has decided to devote himself to Islam. Hence, he wants to spread the message of Islam towards humanity. This will be followed by helping the poor and those in need through charity work of all sorts.

The First Step

Hamza’s first endeavors have already started based on his participation in some of the TV transmissions hosted in the holy month of Ramadan where he has tried to get the answers to some general questions regarding God and the purpose of humanity. His contemplation also includes his efforts to understand the teachings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and what it means to be a Muslim. Furthermore, he is going into the details of the teachings of Islam and the duties of a Muslim to perform for helping out the other fellow Muslim brethren.

The Announcement of Book by Hamza Ali Abbasi pakistani films, pakistani drama, alif drama

All the contemplation has paved the way for Hamza Ali Abbasi to make a decision. He is stepping away from the world of acting and film-making. Hamza wants to devote his life to the true cause of his existence, serving God and humanity. He took a step ahead by revealing the information regarding his upcoming book about God. The audience composed of his die-hard followers took the news seriously. They requested him to release the excerpts of his effort. The fans demanded making them digitally accessible for the readers. 

On consistent requests from his fans, he revealed that the book will be available for free. It will be available for all those who are interested to know how Hamza has ended up on the path laid down by his Creator. It is all based on the idea that all these awards are nothing more than a mere piece of metal. They possess value being affiliated with a person to whom these are rewarded. Once the person has passed away, these souvenirs tend to lose their value. They become worthless and provide no benefit to humankind. 

Conversely, if an individual becomes a philanthropist, his charity work would continue to provide benefits to upcoming generations. With that mission in mind, he has started writing the book of his awakening and we anticipate that it would be loved by his followers and appreciated by the critics as well.

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The Return Towards Islam

Hamza Ali Abbasi has revealed that when he was a teenager, he started to ponder regarding the creation of the universe. He was unable to find a satisfactory answer due to which he became an atheist. However, science helped him a lot in understanding the different phenomena taking place. This includes the atomic level to the intergalactic space around us. All these explanations made him realize that these principles are not happening on their own. Rather, there is a Creator behind these processes. He has created this all with a purpose including his own existence. All these factors contributed a lot towards Hamza’s return to Islam and Islamic teachings.

Guidance For Fellow Muslims

Hamza Ali Abbasi has pointed out that his purpose behind drafting his book is not to announce his career as a writer. Rather, he just wishes to share his perspectives like any other individual who wishes to guide his or her fellows. He says that we all have been provided with a clear set of instructions by our Creator. However, we have divided ourselves into sects marking our differences from one another. This has led to a series of riots happening every now and then in the different regions as a result of these impertinent discriminations. He wishes to clarify all these misinterpretations through his own understanding of Islam in his upcoming book.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Connection With Film IndustryPakistani entertainment, pakistani movies, pakistani film

Hamza Ali Abbasi announced at the outset that he has separated himself from the acting industry. He wants to affiliate himself with God. This decision was taken up by critics as though he will never return to the industry again. However, he has clarified in a message that he would maintain his connection with the industry. He wants to connect with appropriate application in spreading the message of God, the Holy Prophet, and Islam. We wish him the best of luck for his mission. 

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