There is some uplifting news for HBL clients! You can now get to your record from WhatsApp. Peruse more about it in this article.

Habib Bank: Nation’s Most Memorable Financial Establishment

Pakistan’s banking actually started during the time of monarchy in South Asia, during which the British Empire managed a large part of the country. The State Bank of Pakistan was made the country’s national bank upon autonomy, with its base camp in Karachi since the excursion to banking began inside the country. Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is Pakistan’s greatest bank, and the nation’s most memorable financial establishment, established in 1947. HBL extended its branch organization and held its position as Pakistan’s biggest private area bank, with more than 1,650 branches and 2,100 ATMs around the world, and at present adjusting 23M clients.

In 2004, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) privatized HBL, giving the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) 51% of the bank’s value and administrative power. The GOP’s excess 41.5 percent stake was dumped in April 2015. People, neighborhoods, and unfamiliar associations and substances, outstandingly CDC Group Plc, which holds 4.99 percent, and International Finance Corporation, which has 0.87 percent, keep on holding the excess offers in HBL.

The bank is a notable full-administration business moneylender. Banking, Corporate and Financial Services, Treasuries, and Global Trade Services, Transaction Banking, and Islamic Banking are the fundamental areas of action. HBL has an extensive worldwide presence and is the biggest nearby global organization. The Bank’s overall reach is critical since it permits it to support its vital clients across its organization effectively. China is the cornerstone of HBL’s unfamiliar methodology, and the bank is Pakistan’s biggest agent of CPEC-related finance. As Pakistan’s chief monetary organization, HBL is at the forefront of all improvement projects. One of the latest is the arrangement of banking administrations to teach its buyers by means of WhatsApp.

Pakistan’s Islamic Banking at a Glance

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Islamic banking, frequently known as Islamic money or Shariah-consistent money, alludes to Shariah-agreeable monetary action (Islamic regulation). The sharing of benefit and misfortune, as well as the limitation on the gathering and installment of premiums by moneylenders and financial backers, are two critical ideas of Islamic banking.

Islamic financial methods can fundamentally be followed back to shippers in the Middle East who started managing monetary exchanges with their European partners during the Medieval Ages. They at first adhered to similar monetary guidelines as the Europeans. As exchanging frameworks advanced and European nations started to layout nearby offices of their banks in the Middle East, a portion of these banks embraced the neighborhood customs of the area in which they were recently settled, fundamentally no-premium monetary frameworks that dealt with a benefit and misfortune sharing premise.

By executing these techniques, these European banks would have the option to support the requests of Muslim neighborhood entrepreneurs.

Shariah Compliant Banking

Islamic banking depends on the statutes of Islam as they apply to business tasks. Islamic financial ideas are taken from the Holy Quran, Islam’s center heavenly source. All exchanges in Islamic banking should be as per Shariah, Islam’s overall set of laws (in view of the lessons of the Qur’an). Fiqh al-Muamalat are the principles that direct business exchanges in Islamic banking.

Islamic Financial Frameworks

One of the vital differences between customary and Islamic financial frameworks is that Islamic banking disallows usury and hypothesis. Shariah seriously bans any kind of hypothesis or betting, known as maisir. Furthermore, Shariah boycotts charging interest on advances. Besides, any speculations including products or substances restricted in the Qur’an, like liquor, betting, or pork, are precluded. Islamic banking could in this way be viewed as a socially unique sort of moral money management.

Islamic Money Management Systems

Islamic banks utilize value support components to bring in cash as opposed to charging revenue. In the event that a bank loans cash to a business, the business will reimburse the credit without revenue, yet will rather offer the bank a part of its income. Assuming the organization defaults or neglects to create again, the bank endures too. By and large, Islamic monetary associations’ money management systems are more willing to gamble unwillingly. Subsequently, they frequently try not to work with organizations that might be associated with monetary supporters.

Contenders of HBL in Pakistan

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Lately, Pakistan’s financial industry has gone through a significant change from a generally state-managed and controlled climate to a more changed market structure. This progression of the financial framework in Pakistan has made stress on predominant banks employing market power because of expanded market focus attributable to consolidations and acquisitions, a solid benefit in the financial area, and increasing loan fee spreads. HBL has gotten intense rivalry from different banks in Pakistan. For instance, Allied Bank, Faysal Bank, Meezan, and Standard Chartered Bank are presently getting among one-time #1. Be that as it may, regardless of extreme market contenders HBL has been fruitful in working in cutthroat circumstances by presenting recent fads for their renowned clients on the lookout.

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HBL Launches WhatsApp Banking for Pakistani Users

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HBL has sent off WhatsApp Banking for its customers, permitting them to benefit from different monetary organizations by means of the stage. E Ocean, a significant Cloud Communications supplier, is responsible for the assistance.

HBL WhatsApp Banking works flawlessly with facilitated discussions with clients and answers inquiries, all while staying secure. Clients may basically utilize WhatsApp to speak with HBL staff and solicit their record balance, secure thing information, ask about Account Services, find close by ATMs and Branches, and acquire reactions to FAQs. Moreover, clients might speak with live experts utilizing this edifying application.

HBL has likewise settled its client-driven progressed banking and means to foster a more intensive impression of client requests to serve them better by giving instinctive monetary game plans with the foundation of the WhatsApp Banking organization.

Because of the declaration, Abrar Ahmed Mir, Chief Innovation and Financial Inclusion Officer – HBL, expressed, “We are really glad to join forces with eOcean for the association of the WhatsApp Banking organization.” This commitment is a significant stage in giving predictable client administration to HBL’s clients, especially the individuals who are ordinary WhatsApp clients, through this Conversational Messaging stage. This is steady with the Bank’s objective of keeping our clients on the front line of our high-level change venture and proceeding to give them inconvenience-free, advantageous lifestyle choices.

As the first legitimate WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in Pakistan, we are invigorated, said Altaf Siddiqui, Director of Pre-arrangements and Products at E Ocean.

Advantages of Whatsapp Services

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As Pakistan’s chief monetary foundation, HBL is resolved to its objective of monetary incorporation for all fragments of society. Through programs, the Bank is now starting to lead the pack in expanding monetary consideration. With the send-off of the WhatsApp Banking administration, HBL has additionally reinforced its client-driven advanced financial procedure, fully intent on fostering more profound information on client requests to more readily serve them by giving natural financial arrangements. 

Easier account openings

Copy of one’s identity card, proof of address, RIB, payslips, latest tax notices… All these documents will soon no longer be useful for opening an online account. The Whatsapp banking service has been launched to reduce them by using, for example, the concept of digital identity. Gone are the days of value and waiting for the money transfer to be up and running! No need either to go to the distributor to help out a child or a friend, to repay a debt! HBL now offers instant transfer via mobile phone. But beware, this service is chargeable, unlike the classic transfer.

It will usually cost you. This is not to be taken lightly, 1.5 billion people use the application owned by Facebook. Whatsapp is an app used by 2 billion active users in Pakistan alone. So it’s no wonder why this banking service will be the next best step for HBL. Another advantage: customers will also benefit from the possibility of transferring money between their HBL accounts and other accounts.

Habib Bank Limited has been voted the best commercial banking company in Pakistan by Euromoney. Euromoney is a benchmark publication on international financial and banking markets. The ranking shows part of its annual ‘Euromoney Private Banking Survey 2022’ published on May 8.

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A large-scale win-win deal

To measure the scope of this alliance, you should know some facts. On December 31, 2013, the South African operator MTN claimed 14.8 million users from Whatsapp, an increase of 57.3% in one year. This alliance combined with the strength of the establishment of HBL in so many Pakistani cities with a network of 1,650+ branches, we understand that the commercial director of the HBL group is delighted:

HBL is particularly pleased with this agreement which fits perfectly into our ongoing efforts to improve access to financial services for our customers. This deployment demonstrates our commitment to making branchless banking a reality.

This service also removes so many complications that come with digital banking. Open Banking in other Asian countries requires three banks’ applications to be installed on mobile phones. A portion of the monthly salary deposited in bank A is transferred to bank B’s account on the card payment date. The money is also deposited into the subscription passbook account of Bank C each month on a set day. To confirm that the money was transferred safely, you must access each bank app and perform personal authentication again. It’s pretty cumbersome. But the HBL WhatsApp service removes all these unnecessary steps and gives you a statement on your WhatsApp account.