You have gotten yourself so engaged with technology that you totally forgot to give yourself some time to think about it. Whenever you are about to put your phone down on the table, you hear the beep again. You certainly do not wish to miss a message from your beloved or a meeting call from your boss. All these habits are making you overlook the most important thing. That is keeping you alive from day 1, health. It goes in line with everything else that you do every day. That’s why it is very important that it remains 100% by all means. Because if something goes wrong, then we realize the blessing. We are so blessed to be fit and healthy instead of being stranded in a hospital room for hours, days, and weeks. This article discusses the importance of health and top health insurance companies in Pakistan.

If you Google the risks of being unhealthy, you will unsurprisingly find all sorts of content meant to warn and scare you from ever ignoring the good habits. That is just one way of looking at the world. But how about looking at the positive side of the same domain? What are the benefits of being healthy? Well, that is something that we are going to find out today. So, you don’t have to worry about any ailment as we have it all covered in the article.

Benefits and Top Health Insurance Companies in Pakistan

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We will give a list of the top ten health insurance companies in Pakistan. So, you can get yourself registered, start a program and feel safe. As the company is going to cover up your expenses in case of some inevitable accidents.

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Benefits of Health Insurance

But before all that, let us dive into the benefits.

Strong Immune System

You won’t find it hard to think how the world would appear if every next person is sick. That is something actually happening. For now, everyone is just fighting to control the number of covid cases in their cases. But the virus keeps mutating to become something adverse and more severe. Therefore, think out of the box, and no need to only rely on the vaccine alone. Undoubtedly, you should get your booster shot. But the actual thing that would really make you strong is staying fit and healthy.

This would in turn strengthen your immune system which is the sole purpose of getting the vaccination shots. The dormant virus variant of any kind is being injected to get your defense mechanism active so that your body is strong enough to face the real virus out there. Resultantly, your body takes the pressure and handles it well similar to influenza or any other viral infection. Therefore, strong health is directly proportional to a strong immune system and that will keep your whole family safe and running.

Ideal Body Weight

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Being healthy means ideal body weight. It is no rocket science to figure out the best body weight for yourself. There are always slight variations happening and it is hard to keep it all consistent. Even if you look at biology while we grow, more muscle mass accumulates in our body. Likewise, our bones get heavy with calcium deposits with the passage of time. So it is not always easy to keep your weight exactly the same. But you can at least try to fall within a range. That is the point where you need Body Mass Index where you are all good to go if you are somewhere near 21.

As your number falls, you are becoming underweight. Conversely, if your number goes up, that means that you really need to put a check on everything you are consuming on a daily basis. Because you are gradually moving towards obesity and that will bring alongside multiple other health-related problems that you can find in many other blog posts and articles. The point to remember here is that the ideal body weight is a clear reflection of your good physiology and perfect anatomy. Nothing will go wrong as long as you are fit and within range.

Strong Digestive System

If you are consuming fibers alongside vitamins, it will certainly help strengthen your digestive system. Many of you might not be aware but there are good bacteria existing alongside harmful bacteria and their coexisting balance is what keeps our colon strong and active. Slight fluctuations in the bacterial count and we will find ourselves facing indigestion. Probiotics are essential to digest all the food that we consume on a daily basis. Good health will certainly keep your colon running like always and your body will be safe from bacterial attacks and viral infections.

Agility and Optimal Performance

As long as you are healthy, you will feel an adrenaline rush inside you. This hormone is your energy booster and will keep you moving throughout your day. Compare your performance after a workout with the one in which you just sat before the laptop for hours. You felt frustrated in the latter stage as your brain needed rest but you were not giving it one. On the contrary, the former keeps you active as you are taking active breaks and working in intervals. That is how a good and healthy lifestyle enhances your potential to be active for long hours.

Eradicate Stress

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Exercise is one of the key habits for a healthy lifestyle. In case you are wondering what makes life so special by just putting an extra effort on your muscles, honestly a lot is happening inside our body that we can’t see because of the thick layer of skin covering it all inside. Our hormonal system also known as the endocrine system expedites with exercise as it releases two important hormones. Firstly, exercise leads to the release of endorphins which play a pivotal role in reducing stress in our body.

Moving forward, catecholamines are chemicals making our body ready for any kind of rapid response and reflex actions generally known as fight or flight actions. The chemical gives you the strength to be active, make your muscles work, and get rid of all the stress that you feel inside you because of all the negative thoughts in the back of your mind. So make sure to exercise regularly.


Some of you appear surprised but that is the ultimate truth. If you are healthy, it would be reflected through your body being fit, strong, and agile. You will be ready to take on any kind of challenge. In other words, good health has made you more confident compared with your earlier state of mind. That is how exercise and diet with a positive attitude help build an inner strength inside you. Shyness, anxiety, and fear of being ridiculed by other people will simply vanish. You will be the master setting your own terms while facing the world. However, it doesn’t mean becoming shrewd and taking advantage of other people’s trust in you. You have to keep yourself on the right track while fulfilling your destiny.

Avoid Or Delay Diabetes

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It is one of the common diseases that is found in almost every person, especially with a sedentary lifestyle. In case, any one or both of your parents have diabetes, you have a huge probability of becoming diabetic in the later years of life. Even if the parents are healthy, a sedentary lifestyle can slow down our metabolism, and resultantly our body would fail to remove toxic wastes from the body. These circumstances would lead to high blood pressure, hypertension, and ultimately a heart attack.

You are going in the direction of a good healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and routine exercise that keeps your heart pumping all the healthy blood inside your body removing all the toxic wastes. Fruits and vegetables will equip the body with antioxidants which help detoxify one’s body from waste products. Keep two important things in mind. Regular walks or exercise and a controlled healthy diet would keep you safe from getting diabetes. Otherwise, this monster is accompanied by many other diseases which come under one pack.

Health Insurance Companies in Pakistan

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Despite following a healthy lifestyle, there are some unfortunate incidents in life where you end up in a hospital and require some medical assistance and care. Life can be quite easy if you or your workplace offers some good health insurance options. There are various treatments that are covered under the insurance schemes.

In case you are looking for some details and wish to avail one, scroll down to find everything you need to know about the top ten health insurance companies in Pakistan that you should certainly consider as your next station.

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Atlas Insurance

Some of you would be happy to see the name being entitled by your workplace. For others, this company offers Atlas Care bearing the expenses for an individual’s hospitalization, Maternity, and Specialized Investigations.

Habib Insurance

If you are looking for an in-patient insurance plan that is easy for your pocket and covers a wide variety of medical services, then you should check out Habib Insurance plan. The best part of this company is that you can pay the insurance in the form of monthly installments if you are availing their premium package. The company covers hospitalization, maternity, medical and corporate care treatment for the patients.

Askari General Insurance Company

Accidents can happen at any time and there are moments when we don’t have any savings to bear the expenses of the hospitalization, surgeries, treatment, and medication. Askari General Insurance Company comes to the rescue and offers multiple packages for individual and group insurance. It is one of the best health insurance companies. Askari Group Health is the most comprehensive program offered by AGICO. The individuals are entitled for hospitalization, surgical treatment, out-patient treatment, dread diseases and specialized investigations.

Asia Care Health and Life Insurance

The group declares itself as Pakistan’s first dedicated managed care organization offering the medical services within the most affordable range. Individual and family plans cover hospitalization, surgery and emergency care. Furthermore, maternity, prescription and drug coverage is also offered alongside online support so that all the individuals stay updated regarding health care and measures to keep themselves active and healthy.

Alfalah Insurance

A new competitor has joined the market and is gaining huge attention from the companies. It is a joint venture of Abu Dhabi Group. Currently, the insurance company is operating through major cities of the country including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The company offers a wide array of insurance programs such as engineering, energy, marine cargo, property, motor and the most important, health insurance. Log in to their website for details and timely updates.

State Life Insurance Group

If you are looking for a government owned company providing varied insurance policies then you certainly would have heard of State Life Group. It is considered as one of the most popular insurance companies in Pakistan which provides trustworthy and most reliable insurance programs. The individual plans offered by State Life group include Anticipated Endowment Assurance, Shad Abad Assurance, Whole Life Assurance, Endowment Assurance. Some other categories include Health Care Plans, Supplementary Covers, Wealth Builder Plan, Child Protector Assurance and Jeevan Sathi Assurance.

Allianz EFU Insurance

Pakistan’s largest insurance group, EFU, decided to collaborate and form a joint venture with Allianz which holds international recognition across the globe. Allianz EFU came into existence on May 15, 2000 with an aim to provide quality healthcare in the most easiest and affordable manner. The venture holds some of the renowned corporate clients within their offered insurance programs. You can find out more by visiting their website.

IGI Health Insurance

If you are seeking a group which holds plentiful experience of facilitating corporate groups through their insurance programs, IGI Health Insurance has answers to all the questions within your mind. With over fifty years of experience, the company provides benefits related to healthcare, hospitalization and maternity. Pre and Post Hospitalization expenses are also covered by the group. Their medical hotline keeps running 24 hours a day where you can get all the medical assistance related to any kind of medical query. Their health card can be used to get discounts and other benefits on purchasing medicines from their entitled pharmacies.

Jubilee Life Insurance

You probably would have heard of the group. The company defines itself with the word happiness which remains the core of their offered insurance policies. Their services remain exceptional and quite well known among the masses because of the most feasible terms and conditions. The company offers widespread options such as individual health insurance, corporate insurance, micro insurance and online insurance.

Adamjee Insurance Company

Lastly, we have a group quite known for its variable insurance policies and plans. The best part of their services is the provision of customized plans. Yes, you got that right. You or your company can get approved the insurance plan according to your own terms and conditions provided you stick to it without deviating from the established code of conduct. That is the reason it is being opted for by multiple SMEs and the majority of the corporate sector. Some of the major facilities offered by the group include out-patient coverage, maternity coverage, hospitalization coverage, and major medical benefits. Insurance can be availed by people till the age of 85. Log in to their website to find out more.