There was a time when many Pakistani sites were being navigated and explored. The government had to select the most ideal city to shift the capital of Pakistan from Karachi. These expeditions occurred during the tenure of President Ayub. He loved the beauty of the land, which is now known as Islamabad lying on the famous Potohar plateau. The combination of lush green forests alongside the scenic Margalla hills was perfect. He decided to declare this place as the new capital. There are famous ancient historical sites in Islamabad. Let’s explore the famous ones in this article.  

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Islamabad started undergoing residential and commercial development. But, little attention was given to the history lying on its lands. The excavations by national and international archaeologists found great treasures. They concluded that the land came from the people of the Neolithic Era. This was evident from the explored instruments and tools representing a prehistoric culture.

Historical Sites in Islamabad That You Must Visit

Most explorers deduce that the skulls found from Islamabad date back to 4000 and 5000 BC. This indicates the existence of a civilization in this region. The excavation by the Department of Archaeology and Museums found fifteen historical sites. These sites need documentation and preservation to convert these into world heritage sites. Major discoveries include:

There is a timeline for the construction of these sites in different ruling dynasties. The excavations are still in progress. Here is a list of five ancient historical sites in Islamabad that you are unaware of. In other words, you need a plan to visit one site each weekend. If you are a lover of history, cultures, and civilizations, visit these sites.

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Shah Allah Ditta CavesIslamabad, E-11, historical places

You would have attended some weddings at different marquees located in sector E-11. But, if you take the same road ahead through sector D-12, you will come into the land filled with history. The place is Shah Allah Ditta. It is after the renowned saint of the Mughal period whose shrine is also located in the same region. The murals of Buddha appear on the walls of various caves located in this region. They are almost twenty-four hundred years old. That is not all. Alexander the Great has used this route for traveling from Kabul towards Taxila. The same can be said about the Pashtun emperor Sher Shah Suri. The place is still used as an alternate route towards Khanpur. The beauty of this place is further enhanced by the majestic garden Sadhu ka Bagh. You can visit this place and relish its beauty. This is now the second heritage preservation site in Pakistan after Saidpur Village.

Saidpur Villagemargalla hills, tourist, tourism in Pakistan

The next historical sites in Islamabad is rich in history. It is the Saidpur Village. The village is located at the base of Margalla hills. It has a cultural influence of Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus who have lived in this region. The village is five hundred years old, discovered by Mirza Fateh Ali at the outset in the year 1530 AD. As a result, it was named after Fatehpur Baoli. The village came to Said Khan Gakhar for his services against the Afghan army of Sher Shah Suri.

During the reign of the Mughal Emperors, Sultan Sarang Khan was the lord of the Potohar region. The village got the name Saidpur after his son, Sultan Said Khan. Raja Man Singh was the Hindu commander who constructed temples and small ponds. He intended to convert the village into an area of worship for Hindus.

A gurdwara exists in the village signifying the presence of Sikhs in the same region. An attached room exists for teaching the philosophy of Guru Nanak. It is a sacred place for sure and it is ready to share history with you.

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Pharwala FortMughal Emperor Babur, Mughal era, Mughal sites

If you travel forty kilometers from the capital, you come across one of the most beautiful historical sites in Islamabad. The Gakhars constructed it in the fifteenth century. It is in the Kahuta area conquered by the Mughal Emperor Babur in the year 1519. But, with the Gakhars and Mughals agreement, the fort was once again handed back to the Gakhars.

The extending walls of the fort surrounding the vast area take you back in time. You can imagine the place as a battlefield. The damaged fort walls show the manner in which the Gakhars tried to defend their land.

The fort surrounds the Himalayan range from one side. The other side has the Swaan river. You can imagine how the people of that time planned the exact site to build this fort. They did that so it does not remain vulnerable to enemy invasions. This place has plenty of history for sure.

Nilan BhotuNilan Bhotu, Pir Sohawa, Daman e Koh

You can plan a lunch or dinner with your friends and family at Pir Sohawa. If you continue driving for at least forty minutes, you will come across land known as Nilan Bhotu. You will find small villages and beautiful ponds on your way towards the valley. The scenic view of Nilan Bhotu offers tranquility.

This site is unforgettable if you go on a hike with your family and friends. The area is popular for being the place of respite and meditation of Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi. The place’s name is Bari Imam. The flora and fauna of this region are protected from all kinds of hunting.

Shrine of Pir Mehr Ali Shah visit in Islamabad, Islamabad travel, tourist in Pakistan

If you drive westward towards the Margalla road, you will find yourself in a village. This place is Golra Sharif, one of the famous historical places in Islamabad. This village offers you another historical site that is the tomb of the famous Sufi saint, Pir Mehr Ali Shah. The twentieth-century Sufi scholar preached Islam. People still remember his teachings and contribution to Islam. The site will once again take you into an old timeline where you can carve the imagery with your own eyes.

There are many historical sites in Islamabad. We would recommend you to travel to them soon. Cherish the history, culture, and beauty of this place. You will enjoy your visit to them. We guarantee that!