A man on a mission, Asim Cheema is an artist with the heart and soul of researcher. His photographs are filled with beauty that comes from exploring nature’s grandeur in his own backyard–a place where you can find everything from tigers to stallions!

Cheema is a wildlife photographer who has gained popularity for his innovative photography techniques. One of his signature methods is using pots and pans to create interesting angles and compositions. His work has been featured in several major publications, and he has won numerous awards for his photography. In recent years, Cheema has become known for his portraits of animals in their natural habitat. He strives to capture the beauty and majesty of the animal kingdom, and his photos are truly breathtaking. If you’re looking for some incredible wildlife photography, be sure to check out the work of Asim Cheema on his Instagram.

Asim Cheema’s art is an exploration into the natural world, where he aims to capture different perspectives on nature. You can see many different angles of the same scene at once. He’s always striving to improve his skills and explore new possibilities.

With 8 years in the field of Wildlife Photography with a proven history of successful collaboration with local and international brands Including Nikon MEA and Sigma, Asim is all set to become one of the most acclaimed photographers back home in Pakistan.

Awards and Achievements

Asmin has several awards to his credit including the HIPA, CAPA awards 2019, as well a gold medal from the Camarena Academy for his work. His assortment of remarkable photographs varies from nature and landscape, events and items, making him recipient of different honors on various stages.  Asim is the man behind one of UAE’s photography communities named Campix. This group of Photographers was established in 2017 all of a sudden when photographic artists – beginners, specialists and experts – having a similar vision and objective, assembled and wanted to have an effect on people’s lives.

Patience! The Key Element of Asim’s Photographs

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Asim catches the excellence of the creature and the reality of its presence. Every photograph he takes tells an interesting story. Through his approach Asim hopes his work cuts through the clutter of the modern age. The name of the game in his photography is patience. You can’t ask animals to look and behave a certain way so to capture the perfect moment you have to wait and be ready. Which is according to Asim he had to learn as he went along. But according to him, it’s not wasted time. The longer you spend with an animal, the better you get to know their habits.

Going Beyond the Borders

In 2018 Asim expanded his expertise to Oman, Africa and Pakistan training people from all walks of life from being amateur photographers to professionals.

Having been invited to different international Photography festivals over the years such as ‘’Photography Live’’ Dubai in 2017, ‘’Xposure 2022’’ and Sharjah International photography festival where he was applauded by Deputy Ruler of Sharjah HH Sheik Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasmi.

His journey with Campix has been an inspirational one. Asim saw a lot of photographers struggling in the UAE going to so many workshops and getting easily lost and having no sense of direction. Asim’s idea was to change that and give a helping hand to novice photographers and give them a platform through which they can shine. Asim believes that many photographers tend to be introverted so they don’t get the chance to get into big clubs, so those people are always looking for an organization to join, to have a leader that can guide them. Campix has been his most prized achievement because it has given him a platform where he can work closely with all the photographers. Asim doesn’t care if it takes them a lot of time to learn and grasp the art of Wildlife photography as long as they can learn and grow with him he is happy.

Asim is an artist who holds his work in very high regard and for good reason. Wildlife photography has the ability to turn individuals on to the marvel of nature. It’s a fundamental device to rouse the longing to safeguard wildlife and spark genuine change. So artist’s like him deserve every bit of success they can get.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing great things from thus guy in the future. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Asim!