No one likes traveling in a bus, with the long hours, uncomfortable seats that don’t even recline to that sweet comfort point, food service that keeps getting worse every time, the stops that take up half the time of the journey, and horrible entertainment system.

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Well, someone finally checked the customer complaints box or had the worst experience traveling by bus. Sleeper Buses bring a new style of the vehicle that takes a turn from traditional chair-style seats to bed-style accommodations to make your journey as relaxing and comfortable as possible. You might say they are just copying what trains have been doing for years but come on, it’s progress.

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Sleeper Buses “The People’s New Alternative

Daewoo Express is a leader in sleeper bus manufacturing. The Daewoo Express Sleeper Bus takes one’s comfort to the next level, each with a single, comfortable mattress and a delectable meal. Moreover, they run buses from Karachi to Lahore & Islamabad, which makes them the perfect choice for long-distance travel. Specially designed coaches make passengers drowsy, which is the main reason for the invention of the Daewoo sleeper bus. We’ll give some examples:

CCTV cameras are installed throughout all buses to ensure added safety and security during travel. For that purpose, a separate Department of State works together with fully trained and experienced specialists to ensure that your journey is entertaining, convenient, and secure.

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