College majors is the specific field of study. In addition to normal college requirements, students will take a group of courses in a field of their choice, such as physics, international studies, or political science, arts, mathematics, finance, and biology. Some institutions even allow you to choose your own major.

What is the significance of your academic major?

Many graduates end-up working in industries which have nothing to do with some of what they learned in universities. If you want to avoid this, I would strongly recommend you to initiate your academic majors, including the cost, income expectations, and job rates so you can achieve your dream career easily without ending up working in a different industry, which you never wanted! One should also consider their personality, professional and personal goals, and passions. Incorporating these factors into your decision-making process might help you select a major that aligns with your unique mission, beliefs, and ambitions.

10 Factors That Might Help You in Choosing Your College Major:

Choose your prospective institutionMajors, institution

A quality university degree is one of the most important aspects for a long and successful career and gaining a valuable degree in your choice of majors. Which is why it is critical for students to conduct research to determine courses/majors offered by universities.

Aside from the possibility of a better professional future, premier universities help students to;

Decide what to study? Conduct self-assessment of your skills and identify your abilitiesDecide, majors

Choosing a degree is a life changing decision that can have an influence on career plans after college, whether for a profession or further studies. So here is the first step to effectively plan your career direction.

Draw up a list of exercises, academic topics, and things that fascinate or inspire you. What’s your preferences and inclinations in education, activities, employment, and or other work?

“We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it.” – Stevie Wonder

Identifying what areas you have talents in and which areas could benefit from effort is a wonderful place to start when deciding on a university major. Yet, don’t dismiss your weak points and turn them into your biggest strengths!

Are the majors you choose pays off or in-demand?Majors, in demand

As we all know, Money Matters! So determining the importance of income, while deciding on a major is necessary. Earning a degree might interest to you also if you are driven about high-earnings. For example, Doctors earn more than Nurses, whereas, Business man/women’s earn more than doctors who pursue over 6 years of studies and medical training to get their dream job. So choosing a career high in demand will not only help you secure successful career but it will also give you financial freedom to live your life on your own terms. Be your own boss!

Choose a major depending on your PassionMajors. passion

“The starting point of all achievements is desire.” – Napoleon Hill

Career path built on the core convictions will typically lead to an even more satisfying and stimulating job. But, don’t focus too much on your ideals while deciding on a major. Education is a period for exploration and identity as well and yet most people’s views are strengthened throughout their student life. Choose what you love to do!

For example if you are interested in transforming careers across organizations, choosing human resource management could be a best fit!

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Would it be employable?job, employable

Will you be able to successfully and promptly gain employment in a relevant area once you have earned the degree? Prevent being discouraged later in life by selecting a wide area of study instead of something really specific.

Is it affordable?employment, affordable

While we cannot deny this fact that pursuing a college education often costs you. So planning your expenses first can be a pragmatic decision one can make before proceeding to attend your next institution. As in Pakistan, it’s common to pursue education with parents financial support but there is a vast majority of the population whose parents are not able to provide them financial support. So effective cost planning might help you successfully get your degree without any hurdles.

Some of the options we can consider, while considering finances are:

What Should You Do If You Have Several Areas of Interest?interest , major

This is one of the most common thoughts that comes into the minds of students when they are selecting majors. The answer is YES, it’s natural! In fact, there are numerous paths for students to take in order to explore various disciplines of education in their academic pursuits. One could, for example, double major, while this strategy may raise a student’s workload, choosing a double major might broaden a student’s future prospects and professional paths. But don’t forget to conduct your research before getting enrolled into a university that offers a double-major program.

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Academic Quality, Environment, or FacultyAcademic Quality, Environment, Faculty

Now that you’ve decided which one of majors you would like to have, the next step is to determine how and with whom you will spend your next few years. Time is money as we all know but what if we are unsure where and how to spend our money?

Therefore, one thing which is necessary before choosing your next university is to learn about the university itself. So conducting a small research will help you identify if that works for you or not? This will also make your list shorter so you should be giving more sentimental value to the different academics offered by other universities as well.  Additionally, having robust faculty can make your educational journey easy and enjoyable as they are industry experts who can easily communicate and recognize your needs to polish you for the next level in your career.

Is your prospective university ranked or accredited?Prospective university

It is a pragmatic, but crucial, question. Whether you have your mind made up on a particular university and a particular major, research and see if the institution of your selection offers a major in that field. The unavailability of your desired major in the particular university might have a significant impact on your search. Know about your university ranking by reading success stories of alumni networks.

Take Action: Apply for your major!take action

Building a camaraderie with people who are in the same boat will make your journey enjoyable.

“If you want to become successful, start building connections with successful people.” – Warren Buffet

Speak to people who work in the fields you’re interested in. Inquire regarding their major or how it benefited them. This might be a great source of learning more about practicalities of various job sectors.

The importance of choosing an academic majors in Pakistan

The decisions and paths you take to surround yourself with the profession you want to follow form the foundation of your career development. Indeed, it is based on several interests, such as academic major, financial situation, and the various choices that will define your future, leading to various job routes. Students in Pakistan confront a number of challenges while deciding on a career option. Students in Pakistan prefer to make judgments based on what their friends and elders advocate, which confuses them and puts them in a situation where they can no longer think for themselves. This resulted in students choosing the wrong career path, and rather than feeling motivated and inspired towards their professions or majors, they face difficulties and complications in comprehending the field that they have chosen for themselves.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.”- Abraham Lincoln

So to mitigate and avoid this dilemma in your future career. Don’t forget to read out all the factors listed above.

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