Every patriot wants to join and serve the army of their country. So, it is a matter of honor and pride for anyone to be able to do that. Hence, with your training, you get respect, dignity, and acknowledgment. The Pakistan army itself is a strong name. Our country’s army manages and helps in worldwide affairs around the globe too. Also, it trains numerous countries’ forces as well.

This is why joining this league is a privilege on its own. Therefore, many people rank the Pakistan army as number one in the world in terms of its valor.

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How to Serve in the Pakistan Army?

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Land defence is possible through the service of the Pakistan Army. The modern presence of the Pakistan army has roots in the British military. So, the training was taken under the umbrella of the British Indian Army. Hence, the Pakistan army emerged after Pakistan came into being after the partition of British India.

Objective of Pakistan Army

The main objective of the Pakistan Army is to provide national security to Pakistan. Therefore, it defends the country against any act of aggression whether internally or externally. Also, the Pakistan army is ready to defend the country in times of war and to unite the people together. The Federal Government of Pakistan can also call up the Pakistan army if there is an internal threat to the country. Moreover, the country’s army can also assist in humanitarian causes. Therefore, they can support rescue operations, peacekeeping, and emergencies. For example, the Pakistan Army has a stronger presence in helping UN forces to maintain peace in the Bosnian war and Yugoslav wars.

The Pakistan forces have helped in maintaining peace in Afghanistan, Balochistan province, and Arab states. The Pakistan army has also actively participated in the war on terrorism to bring peace to the world. So, their 21st century missions to eradicate terrorism are codenamed: Zarb-e-Azb, Rah-e-Nijat, and Black Thunderstorm.

The Regimental System of Pakistan Army

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There are various commanding zones in the Pakistan army. The constitution of Pakistan gives the President of Pakistan the power to be the commander in chief of the Pakistan Army as a civilian representative. Chief of Army Staff commands the army. A person who is a four-star general, and a senior representative of the Joint Chief of Staff Committee can take this rank. This officer post is announced and appointed under the consent of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The current Chief of Staff of Pakistan in 2022 is General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

At what age can the Pakistan Army be joined?

The Pakistan armed forces are divided into three categories: Army, Air Force and Navy. The Pakistan Army presently has more than 560,000 active officers. Then, it has 550,000 personnel in reserve. Moreover, it has 185,000 personnel in the National Guard force. Lastly, the army has 6,500 personnels as civilians as well. All of the Pakistani citizens are eligible to join the Pakistan army. They can start enrolling when they reach 16 years of age. According to the constitution of Pakistan, these enrolled candidates cannot take part in combat until they are 18 years old. To reach this stage, you need to go through the steps. Each step has its own hurdles. The Pakistan Army has a comprehensive selection system which you can easily understand.

How to join the Pakistan Army?

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For sending in your application for the Pakistan army there are two ways. First method is to do online registration for yourself. This can be done online through their website www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk. The second method is to physically visit an AS&RC (abbreviation for  Army Selection and Recruitment Centre), where you can get yourself registered.

After the registration, the candidates get details about the test and its date by email. Also, the candidates get a proper roll number slip. Hence, the candidates should come to the AS&RC for paperwork and registration as well.

Once the candidates clear all the interviews and tests, they get an official call letter to join the Pakistan army. There are numerous fields in which a person can serve the Pakistan army. These opportunities keep on coming time and again. Every year thousands of candidates show their enthusiasm to join the Pakistan army. They desire to serve the country and shine in their ranks.

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Age Limitations and Educational Requirements

Age Limitations,Educational Requirements

When you are applying for the Pakistan Army, you should be mindful of the age brackets you are falling in. If your intermediate education (grade 12) is complete and your age is between 17 to 22 years, then you can surely apply. If your undergraduate education is complete and are falling within the age bracket of 17 to 24 years, then you can apply as well.

There are certain scores in order to apply for the Pakistan Army. Primarily, you need at least a 60 percent score in FA, FSc, or equivalent. If you have completed your undergraduate degree, then you should have at least a 60 percent score in your BS and a 50 percent score in your FA, FSc or equivalent. If a candidate clears his FA/FSc 1st year exam with 60 percent score then he can apply too based on submission of a certificate. This particular certificate is called a hope certificate. The principal of your designated institute issues this. Another requirement is that you are unmarried, and have a Pakistani nationality.

Required Documents

Here is the complete list of documents that you will need to apply for registration:

  1. Educational certificates for Matric, FA/FSc (and BS/BA/BSc if you have attained higher education)
  2. Mark sheets or Transcripts for Matric, FA/FSc (and BS/BA/BSc if you have attained higher education)
  3. Computerized National Identity Card of the candidate and of the candidate’s father or guardian
  4. Four passport-size photographs of the candidate, with attestation from a governmental official
  5. One photocopy set of all the above-mentioned documents

Overview of Tests

There are numerous types of tests to judge your overall personality. These tests include the following:

Intelligence Test

This test comprises both verbal and non-verbal elements. The team judges candidate personality and temperaments through their behavior, conversation, and attitude.

Academic Test

The written exam comprises questions from various academic subjects. The questions will be from English, Pakistan Studies, Islamic studies, Mathematics and General Knowledge. 

Physical Test

You have to run for at least 1.6 KM and this running lap should complete within 8 minutes. Not a minute less, not a second more.

You need to do at least 20 sit-ups within the time span of 2 minutes.

You have to perform a minimum of 15 push-ups in the time span of 2 minutes.

In this case, you have to perform 3 chin-ups in the time span of 2 minutes.

For this test, you need to cross a ditch smartly. The ditch’s measurements are 7 feet 4 inches of length and width. The depth of this ditch is 4 feet.

Physical Requirement

The candidate needs to give a medical fitness exam for qualifying. The height and weight of the candidate is also checked. So, the candidate should have a height of at least 5 feet 4 inches, which is roughly 162.5 centimeters. Also, the weight of the candidate should fall in the ideal section of Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. Hence, this implies that the candidate should neither be overweight nor obese as per his height measurements.

What is ISSB?

ISSB, Army tests

The word ISSB means Inter Services Selection Board. This is the Pakistan Army’s Human Resource division, which selects the cadets needed for the Pakistan forces. The ISSB is more like a nursery which selects and grooms the candidates to join the Pakistan army. The rigorous selection system of ISSB helps in selecting the best of the best candidates for the forces. For giving this test, selected candidates are asked to come, visit and stay at their premises. All of the pertinent tests are conducted during the candidate’s stay on the premises.

There are four main centres for the ISSB:

Here are the contact numbers for the centres: 0922-920085 (Kohat), 055-3830036 (Gujranwala), and 021-99247448 (Malir). The ISSB has its own proper website which gives all the details about schedules for ISSB and what to expect in the tests.

What Clothing to take for the ISSB?

Going for the ISSB test, candidates are instructed to take the following things with them:

  1. They should bring their clothes in accordance with the weather.
  2. Male candidates should have 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of joggers, 1 pair of white socks, 1 pair of sports vest, and 1 pair of tracksuits.
  3. The female candidates should have 1 pair of tracksuits, 1 pair of joggers, 1 pair of white socks, 1 pair of sports vests, and 1 pullover for the winter season.

Preparation of ISSB Interview

For the interview phase, the candidates should appear in neat and clean attire. So, they should brush their hair properly. Also, their entire aura should be respectful. The dressing of the candidate should be according to the norms. Also, candidates’ hair should be trimmed.

Girl candidates should tie their hair neatly. Female candidates particularly should avoid wearing any kind of jewelry on them. As the jewelry can interfere with achieving the required physical tasks in the ISSB exam. Also, both male and female candidates should come with trimmed and neat nails. Tracksuits are worn by both males and females for performing their outdoor tasks for the ISSB physical exam.

Ineligibility conditions for the ISSB exam

The ISSB exam has some set strict conditions for candidates. It will declare candidates ineligible if they fall under the following conditions:

  1. Incomplete academic qualifications
  2. Unable to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of scores and qualifications
  3. Screened out by the ISSB two times
  4. Have been ‘not recommended’ by the ISSB two times
  5. Withdrawn from the training academy
  6. Found unsuitable during their training period
  7. Caused disciplinary problems during their training period
  8. Convicted under court of law
  9. Recently appeared in ISSB within 4 months
  10. Have been considered medically unfit for joining the Pakistan Army by the ISSB

Selection System of the ISSB

The ISSB is based on a three-tiered system. The candidates staying at the testing centre have to appear before the panel in numerous tests. These tests are classified into three different categories. So, the selection system of the ISSB is very rigid, sound, and precise. Experienced administrative officers from the Pakistan army officers conduct these tests. They document everything about the candidate. This includes their performance, their behavior, their timings, and their attitude towards the tasks. So, their main purpose is to check how the candidate would perform under pressure.

The tests’ details are as follows:

Psychological Tests

The psychological tests check the intelligence, personality, and aptitude of the candidate. These are usually held in the morning time in the ISSB centre.

Intelligence Tests

These tests judge quick and precise decisions that are taken by the candidate. If the candidates are unable to perform well in these two tests on the first day, they are immediately asked to leave the premises and are rejected. It implies that they are not allowed to continue taking the next exam of ISSB.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Being in the army requires quick decision-making power. This is why this MAT exam helps in assessing the basic mechanical fitness and sense of the candidates.

Personality Test

This test is a written exam. It includes practical scenarios. The questions are analytical.

Outdoor Group Test

The candidates get tasks on the next day of their stay. The examiners check how a person manages teamwork. Team checks the candidate’s behavior, team spirit, decision-making power, resourcefulness, and vigilance. The candidates are involved in different performance-based activities like:

In all of these tests, the candidates collectively discuss topics, solve a pertinent problem, overcome a hurdle and command their team.

Individual Obstacles Test

Besides group work, candidates perform through an obstacle course. This particular course has loads of hurdles that the candidates need to overcome and reach the finishing line.

Interview Test

In this category, the candidates answer questions in an informal manner. The candidates express themselves, their likes and dislikes. They answer questions about their life, strengths, weaknesses, motives, life, academics, and future plans. The selected candidates are ones with unique answers and confidence.

An interview is the last section. Candidates should clear this section. The training starts at Pakistan Military Academy which is located in Kakul. This training happens for 2 years. So, those who successfully complete this training are eligible to start serving the Pakistan army in different arenas.

Qualities for Joining Pakistan Army

 Pakistan Army,

There are certain qualities in a candidate which the Pakistan army is looking for. Here is the list:


The candidate should be ready to take on responsibilities and not be afraid of them. So, He/she is able to deal with issues on the spot.

Neat Appearance

The candidate should have a neat and clean look. Their dressing should be according to the norms of society. Also, Trimming of hair is a must.

Clear Use of Language

Their command of Urdu and English should be such that they are able to communicate instructions clearly.

Sound Academic Ability

They should have a sound understanding of academic subjects. Through this, they should be able to apply these concepts to real life.

Compassionate Leadership

The candidate should exhibit spirit of team work and guide his/her fellow teammates. They should take the whole team with them and support them.

Strong Physical Fitness

The candidate should not be overweight and should be active in engaging in physical tasks. So, they should be good at running and jumping.

High Motivation

Candidate needs the motivation to accomplish tasks all the time. Hence, they should not show laziness at any point.

Keen Observation

The candidate should be aware of what is happening in the world. They should not minute things around them and make a note of them.

Thus, this is how a candidate can successfully earn a place for himself/herself in the Pakistan army. No doubt, it is a difficult task. It requires patience, perseverance, consistency, and preparation. This is why the Pakistan army is a dream for so many. The struggle might be difficult but it is definitely achievable. We recommend you prepare well and read these guidelines carefully. If done in the right manner, you will be able to achieve a place for yourself in the Pakistan Army! We wish you all the best for a bright future ahead! Pakistan Zindabad!