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Imran Riaz – the head of the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Cyber Crime zone for Sindh recently made an appearance on `Morning At Home,’ hosted by Nadia Khan. He aimed to spread awareness about cybercrime, how it affects and begins, how it can be avoided, and how to report such crimes. 

Mr. Riaz began by explaining what cybercrime entails. He explained; “Cybercrime is all the crime occurring in cyberspace, through the internet or mobile phones”.

They discussed in-depth this matter, emphasizing how blackmail and grooming can happen to both; adults and minors. The host questioned whether a person could receive aid when dealing with a harasser that is not from Pakistan. Mr. Riaz responded, “We can surely help, but the method can not be disclosed”.

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As the discussion progressed, Iman Riaz emphasized the four ways to receive help, shelter and/or security depending on the situation.


He spoke about how the best approach is the walk-in complaint, the documentation is quicker, and those cases get dealt with more quickly. Furthermore, Mr. Riaz talked about the punishments and how they can range from 3 to 10 years of imprisonment and 1 million to 5 million rupees in fines; these charges vary depending on the longevity and intensity of the case.

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