Making yourself marketable is all about building your personal brand and becoming indispensable to the employers in your industry.  It is a commitment to continue working on your personal and professional development. It is a constant effort to learn new things, polish your skills, and build a strong personal brand to stay competitive in the industry.

Making yourself marketable will help to show employers how awesome you are without waiting for anyone else to put you in the spotlight. It will enable you to sell your skills and talents effortlessly for what you actually deserve and achieve better employment options.

8 Tips to Make Yourself Marketable to Employers in Pakistan

In this article, we’ll share some best tips on how you can make yourself marketable to employers in Pakistan to secure the best employment opportunities.

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Update Your LinkedIn Profilenew skills, Resume, Networking

First things first, get active and update your Linked In profile with your current available latest information. Most importantly, make sure that you mention your current skills and recent achievements. Then, send connection requests to relevant people in your field and get active by posting content. Also, update your profile picture with your latest professional photo.

Moreover, brand yourself for jobs relevant to your expertise. Also, try to engage with your connections by liking and commenting on their posts. This will not just enable you to share your thoughts and establish yourself as a thought leader but will also make you more visible in the eyes of potential employers. 

Refresh Your Resumejobs on linkedin, rozee, mustakbil

Have a look at your resume and make sure that it is perfectly representing your current professional self. Remove any information that is not relevant now and add things that can boost your resume. Most importantly, don’t forget to add the latest achievements, skills, and experiences that you have earned so far in your career. Also, it is important that you provide details and examples to explain your accomplishments in your past work experiences.

This will let the employers know how you can be a valuable asset to their company. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to mention in your resume the relevant workshops, conferences, or any other latest course that you recently attended.

Build Your Personal BrandMarketable, CV, Resume

One of the most effective ways to make yourself marketable is to start building your personal brand on social media platforms especially on LinkedIn. Go live and talk about a topic you care about. Likewise, you can also write a blog post to share your thoughts on a topic relevant to your industry. This will not just attract other like-minded people to your profile but will also help you grow your professional network. 

Similarly, you can also go and search about other thought leaders in your field and get connected with them to learn from their experiences and make your network stronger. Furthermore, leave recommendations on LinkedIn for connections you have worked with as this will also help you to earn some good recommendations in return.

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Grow Your Networksoft skills, personal brand, professional network

Apart from your online connections on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, join a professional club or society too to expand your network. This will not just help you in networking but will also help you to build your confidence, improve your communications skills, be more visible, and earn credibility. Remember that a strong network of contacts is one of the best career development tools.

So, build a strong network of professionals to make yourself marketable and to stay competitive in the market.

Upgrade Your Skillsoffice job, business, startup

Never quit learning! Always polish and upgrade your skills to keep them up-to-date and relevant to the latest trends in your industry. Attending workshops and conferences is the best way to grow in knowledge and keep yourself up-to-date with current industry trends. It is even better if you enroll yourself in some latest online or onsite courses that help you learn a new valuable skill. Especially, learn the skills that are in demand from the employers in your industry.

Significantly, improving your technical skills is a powerful tool to make yourself marketable and upgrade your career.

Work on Your Soft Skillsemployability, employees, jobs

Alongside your hard skills, work on your soft skills too as they are even more important than the technical skills. The demand for technical skills changes every year. However, soft skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and communication skills are always in constant demand of employers. Employers prefer and care more about soft skills as compared to hard skills. So, work on your soft skills, and don’t forget to mention them in your resume and also during interviews by backing them up with relevant real-life examples.

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Create a Portfoliojob opportunities, get a job, apply for job

Create an online portfolio where you showcase your best work and the projects you have worked on during your professional career. If you’re a writer, you can create your own blog where you can share your thoughts and write on relevant topics. If you’re a designer you can showcase all the best designs and projects you have worked on. Most importantly, attach the link of your portfolio to your Linked In profile to make it visible to a large audience. This will also let people know what you’re capable of.

Get Guidance From a Mentoremployer, employee, employment, marketable

In your journey towards becoming competent and marketable, the thing you need the most is the guidance of a mentor. Get connected with people who are currently working in a role or career that you’re interested in. Ask them everything you need to know and find out what has helped them to reach where they are now. Moreover, do your research and find out about the industry standards, expected salary, and other important details related to the positions you’re interested in. As a result, this will not just help you to stay informed but will also help you to demand the salary that you truly deserve.