NADRA is responsible for the management of the National Database and Registration System (NDRS), a national database containing details of individuals, their family members, companies, organizations, institutions, etc. It is an independent not-for-profit organization that provides a range of services to individuals, organizations, and businesses, and commits itself to help people and businesses throughout the UK live and work more securely, safely, and confidently. They are the first government agency in Pakistan to develop a fully integrated IT solution for our operations.

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E-Sahulat: A New Form of Seamless Transaction

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Nadra launched E-Sahulat in 2008 as an E-commerce Platform. This platform allows customers with the proper verification to make bill payments and other electronic transactions. There are over 17,000 E-Sahulat franchises in Pakistan and all are the best and most secure systems for electronic transactions available today to the citizens. Nadra has offered small businesses and entrepreneurs with franchises to increase the range. NADRA has set up its E-Commerce platform with the goal to deliver a reliable remuneration as well as selection capability for the general public and also to governments over various channels.

With the brand name NADRA e-Sahulat, NADRA introduced the first digital ecommerce platform in the nation through self-service KIOSK automated systems. This framework later developed into desktop, web, mobile, and digital integration with business collaborators. Thousands of young people who were facing unemployment, have now found work thanks to this network. This in turn has also increased sales for retailers.

It has set up mechanisms in neighborhoods through its Authorization System associated with NADRA’s Nationwide Data Collection Warehouse through encryption-enabled networks. The extraordinary side-by-side encryption ensures top notch security of a person’s statistics being communicated to the data warehouses for confirmation. E-Sahulat deals in a suitable, low-cost substitute to flier expenditures as well as extra automated businesses in order to improve customer accessibility.

Products and Services offered via E-Sahulat

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The wide range of products available through E-Sahulat include:

Utility Bill Collection and Other Electronic Transactions

E-Sahulat makes it easy to collect utility bills from various service providers such as WAPDA, PTCL, SNGPL etc., without any hassles. Customers can also track their payments through this portal and receive payment notifications via email or SMS. In addition to utility bill collection, E-Sahulat also facilitates other financial transactions including fund transfers between bank accounts and mobile wallets.

Biometrically Verified Disbursement Solution

E-Sahulat offers a biometrically verified disbursement solution. It is revolutionizing the digital payment ecosystem in Pakistan. E-Sahulat provides secure digital payments for individuals and businesses alike, enabling them to make convenient and secure transactions from any location. This innovative platform uses biometric technology to authenticate users, allowing customers to pay their bills with just one click. 

Domestic Remittance

Domestic remittance is the transfer of money within a country, typically by foreign workers to their families in their home countries. E-Sahulat is a technology that has revolutionized the way people send domestic remittances. This system allows individuals to make payments from anywhere, anytime, with minimal fees and no extra paperwork or delays. It ensures secure transactions and provides an additional layer of security when sending domestic remittances via e-Sahulat.

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Citizen Verification

Citizen verification is a crucial process to ensure the safety and security of any country. In Pakistan, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is responsible for providing this service. The e-Sahulat program by NADRA allows citizens to easily verify their identity with a few simple steps. Through e-Sahulat, citizens can access various services like healthcare, education and banking from the comfort of their home.

It makes sure that all personal identification information remains confidential at all times during the citizen verification process. It also ensures the prevention of identity fraud or misuse as much as possible through strict authentication measures during registration and login processes.

Pension Disbursement

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The program is designed to streamline the disbursement of pension payments for retired government workers and widows in Pakistan. With millions of citizens depending on pensions for their livelihood, E-Sahulat is revolutionizing the way financial institutions deliver funds. 

E-Sahulat makes it easier than ever to receive pension payments. By linking bank accounts directly to NADRA’s secure national ID system, users can quickly and easily access their funds without having to wait days or weeks for a check in the mail. The system also includes a variety of additional features such as fraud detection and auditing capabilities that help ensure safety and security when disbursing funds.

Collection of Student Fee

This new service enables smooth and secure payment processing, helping students to easily pay their tuition fees from the comfort of their homes. It is also a safe and efficient way for schools to collect payments from large numbers of fee payers in a short period of time. 

Using E-Sahulat, parents or guardians can make payments in real time, eliminating the hassle associated with manual fee collection processes. The platform allows users to make cashless payments using debit cards, credit cards and online bank transfers, while NADRA’s secure identity verification system ensures that only authorised users are able to access the payment portal.

Punjab Arms License Fee Collection

NADRA has made it easier for citizens to pay their arms license fee through e-Sahulat. The process of obtaining and renewing an arms license is now much simpler with this new electronic method. No longer do applicants need to visit the relevant offices or submit documents in person, as it has shifted all documentation to online mode. This makes the process faster and more efficient than before, as citizens can make payments within minutes from anywhere in Punjab.

Through this initiative, citizens are able to make sure that their arm licenses are up-to-date without having to worry about any complications or delays due to paperwork or long queues at governmental offices.

Verification for GST Registration (FBR)

Verifying GST Registration is an important process for any business to ensure compliance with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The FBR requires businesses to register in order to collect and remit taxes, including those related with goods and services. By verifying the registration, companies can ensure that they are compliant with all laws and regulations.

E-Sahulat offers a quick way to get your GST registration verified through its online portal, as well as providing information about other tax requirements such as details of withholding taxes. It also provides an online portal which allows users to verify the accuracy of their registered details quickly and easily. Thus, users can check their status within minutes, saving them time and money in the long run.

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Donation Collection

This system allows citizens to make donations quickly and securely in the comfort of their own homes. Through E-Sahulat users can provide donations to various non-profit organizations registered by NADRA. To carry out transactions, individuals just need to log on to their E-Sahulat account through an ATM card or credit and debit cards.

E-Sahulat offers multiple features for donors that give them convenience and security when it comes to giving away their money for a noble cause. Donors have complete control over where their money goes as they can choose from any organization registered with NADRA from the list available on E-Sahulat website.

COVID Vaccination Certificate

During and after the pandemic, many organizations, companies, and educational institutes have made it compulsory to hire or enrol fully vaccinated individuals. For this, they demand a proof of the vaccination in the form of a COVID verification certificate. Nadra E-Sahulat platform provides COVID certification online without having users visit their offices.

Mobile Scratch Cards

This new technology has made it easier than ever for people living in Pakistan, especially those living in rural or remote areas, to access their funds and make quick transactions. 

New Services Offered by E-Sahulat

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Some new services that NADRA E-Sahulat is providing now include;

How to Pay Utility Bills using E-Sahulat?

The advantage E-Sahulat has is that all the utility service providers and telecom operators in the country are registered in Nadra, thus allowing users to pay their utility bills with ease. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Take the due utility bill or amount the nearest E-Sahulat franchise.
  2. Give the reference number of the Consumer ID/Bill to E-Sahulat franchise to receive the bill information.
  3. Double Check all the retrieved bill information for mistakes or arrears and verify.
  4. Next pay the due amount and upon successful transaction, you will receive the receipt against the successful payment. 

A New Way to Transfer Money

E-Sahulat brings easy transfer of money to your family and friends across Pakistan. All that’s required is for the sender and receiver to have a valid and original CNIC in order to complete the transaction.

Sending Money

If you want to send money to someone, then all you need to provide is the following information to complete the transaction:

Receiving Money

In order to receive money from someone, all you need to provide is the following information to complete the transaction:

How to Apply for an E-Sahulat?

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Before applying for E-Sahulat you have to check the eligibility criteria and confirm whether or not you meet the requirements.

Once verified follow the steps listed below:

  1. To register users can download the franchise application form from or receive the application from NADRA’s regional offices
  2. Users are required to make a deposit of Rs.600 in any Habib Bank Branch
  3. After the deposit is completed, the registration form is to be submitted to NADRA regional offices
  4. For users applying online, they are required to go to from , click on the franchise tab and select “Apply online”
  5. For online registration users are required to enter their First and Last Names, Gender, Education and Address.
  6. Once all the details are verified and inputted, click on “Submit” to complete the process.

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Requirements for Franchises 

After the submission of the applications form, the applicants are shortlisted by NADRA. After the shortlist process, the E-Sahulat team conducts a site survey and weighs the business potential. The team performs a small interview with the potential franchise owner, after which if they meet all the requirements, they are awarded with the license. The team deploys the system and trains the owner to work with it as well. In order to facilitate people in Punjab, the Punjab Land Record Authority signed an agreement with NADRA. Under this agreement, the E-Sahulat centers will issue a property ownership document to people. The document of ownership is issued after CNIC and biometric verification, after which, the subsequent steps are proceeded.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Nadra E-Sahulat can be used in a variety of ways such as paying bills online or transferring money to family or friends. It is easy to use with just an account number and password required for registration. Additionally, it provides users with an enhanced level of security when making payments or withdrawing cash from ATMs. All these features make Nadra E-Sahulat the ideal choice for managing your finances digitally in Pakistan. It has become the preferred choice of millions of users across Pakistan due to its ease of use, low transaction fees, fast processing time, and wide range of services on offer.