Huawei Brings Global App Innovation Contest for Developers

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Huawei is excited to announce the Global App Innovation Contest for Developers. This contest is open to all developers, regardless of experience or nationality. In particular, it invited participants to create innovative applications using Huawei’s mobile technology. Undoubtedly, this contest is a great opportunity for developers to showcase their creativity and innovation. Likewise, Huawei looks forward to seeing some amazing applications from talented developers around the world!


To enter the developer must create a profile on the Huawei Developer website and submit an application before October 9th, 2022. Besides, applications can be in any language but must be submitted in English for judging. The winners will later be announced in December 2022 after various rounds.

The Panel of Judges:

Following are the judges of this competition:

  • Ahmad Abugosh
  • Ahmed Korany
  • Alaa Elshimy
  • Albert Malaty
  • Ali Nadaf
  • Amal Al Sadi
  • Ammar Tobba
  • Andrew McHenry
  • Denis Kapelyushnik
  • Eng. Mohamed BEN AMOR
  • Hanene Ben-Abdallah
  • Jon Hoehler
  • Peter Oluka
  • Rob Beswick
  • Yasir Tahir
  • Younes Megaache


Following is the list of various prizes arranged for the winners:

  • Best HMS Innovation Award with a cash prize of 15,000$
  • Best App with a cash prize of 15,000$
  • Best Game with a cash prize of 15,000$
  • Best Social Impact App with a cash prize of 10,000$
  • All-Scenario Coverage Award with a cash prize of 10,000$
  • Best Arabic App with a cash prize of 10,000$

What’s more, there are some special prizes for women and students:

  • Tech Women’s Award with a cash prize of 10,000$
  • Student Innovation Award with a cash prize of 5,000$

Eligibility Criteria

Without reservation, Huawei invites developers who are 18 years and above, from all countries to take part in the contest. Further, a Huawei ID is required to sign up. However, Huawei employees and their immediate families are not ineligible.

Interestingly, Huawei has allocated an overall bonus of $1,000,000+ for the content and more than 5 Million developers have registered for it.

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