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Pakistani clothing is famous for its elegant, soft and comfortable design. The traditional dress of Pakistan is Pashmina. It is the soft woolen fabric with a distinctive sheen and comes from the Kashmir area of Northern India. Pakistani women usually use it on their shoulders and head to protect them from harsh weather.

Pakistani clothing styles are very different from those of Western countries. In Pakistan, there is no need to buy the expensive clothing in order to look fashionable. It’s important to know that traditional Pakistani clothing is the best choice for every occasion.

IFC to Invest in Khaadi

International Finance Corporation (IFC) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Khaadi. Also to invest US$ 25 million over five years in its first venture fund, Khaadi Ventures is an investment fund for businesses that produce sustainable products and services for developing countries.

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IFC is a leading international investment firm, focusing on investments in emerging markets. The firm works with institutional investors as well as high net-worth individuals, helping them to meet their investment needs. Also it has a strong presence in Asia, Latin America, Africa and SouthEast Asia. IFC’s equity investments in the region have contributed to the development of emerging markets. IFC also invests directly in selected projects in Pakistan.

The company was founded in 1995 by Mr Farid Ahmed and Ms Mina Kazi, both of whom now sit on the board.

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“We look forward to seeing the unique cultural heritage of khaadi celebrated in the new facility and to fostering the next generation of artisan entrepreneurs. We hope that this new resource will lead to more opportunities for the next generation of khaadi artisans in their communities, and across the country.”