History of Iman Ali’s Life

Iman Ali is one the most famous Pakistani model who has excelled brilliantly in the world of fashion industry because of her exceptional looks. She took birth in year 1980 on 19th December. Her birthplace is Lahore, Pakistan. Iman is daughter of all time popular film and television star Abid Ali and Humaira Ali (his first wife). The famous actress/model has two more sisters named Raimah and Mayam Ali. Iman Ali was quite young and tender aged when the knot between her parents matrimony was broken. Divorce had a huge negative impact on Iman’s life and it weakened terribly the bond between Abid Ali and Iman. Her father was always against his daughter’s passion for modeling but Iman rebelled and continued to uphold her career. Later Iman’s father opted second woman and got married.

Extraordinary Characteristics of Iman

The strongly appealing model has an ideal face for today’s fashion industry. Her body features and height can bestow her with the title known as perfect model. Iman Ali owns an impressive height of 5ft 9 inches. Because of Iman’s glamorous looks, this electrifying figure is very well-known among designers not only in Pakistan but also India. The popular Indian designers such as Tarun Tahiljani, Uneet Varma, JJ Valayaa, Manish Malhotra and Rina Dhakah prefer and adore Iman’s modeling style and her indescribable beauty. She is actually one of the sexiest models in Pakistan who rock the stage and brings merriments in their viewer’s sight. Although Iman Ali is disoriented mentally yet she is strong enough to manage with her crucial personal and dazzling professional life. She has put up with both of them in such an impressive manner that neither the directors of fashion galaxy got disappointed nor Iman herself.

Disease Causing Agony to the Super Model

Unfortunately, the high-spirited and affluent Iman has been suffering from an illness called multiple sclerosis. She often deals with severe headache which comes with the package of her disease. Although her situation has been miserable still she continued participating in fashion projects owing the same everlasting courage and shining ambition. Working in a field full of allurement and at the same time bearing with an extremely harsh sickness is really an inspirational and commendable factor. In her interview, Iman Ali has acted like an extrovert explaining her merciless ailment unlike any other fashion model or actress who doesn’t unravel the negatives about their lives. One can say that Iman Ali had a secret fighter hidden inside which fought the toughest battles within her.

Scandal on the Fashion Icon

One can name Iman Ali as scandal queen as there were various scandals she got caught in. Her affairs had always been executed through news by time to time. But most popular infamy was the one linked with Imtiaz Ali (renowned Indian director). It is known that Imtiaz broke his marriage bond as he was gradually getting involved with Iman. Sources speak of Iman Ali visiting India quite often. Before releasing Rockstar, Imtiaz Ali and Iman Ali boarded to Nizamuddin dargah situated in Delhi and enjoyed an intimate relationship. According to the stunner, she has been flying to India for treatment purpose and settling an established career in Bollywood. For her, all about her personal life with Imtiaz is nothing but rumors. Later it came to be known that Iman has completely returned to Pakistan. Then hushed whispers tell about Iman’s growing chumminess with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Success of the Marvelous Iman

Iman Ali got launched by the famous Shoaib Mansoor (director) in a seven minute video where Iman played the role of beautiful Anarkali. The song was taken legendary. In 2005, the excellent star co-hosted Lux Style Awards. Since then Iman became a provocative personality of Pakistan television and fashion industry. In 2007, the fashion model landed film industry of Pakistan with movie directed by Shoaib Mansoor named Khuda Ke Liye. The role she was given was challenging and expectations were really high as she is the daughter of a popular star, Abid Ali. Iman Ali by playing the role dedicatedly convinced many, through her acting skills that she is a spectacular actress. After showing her terrific acting, Iman was blessed with the Best Actress Award in 2008. Before doing this movie, she got enrolled in many drama serials such as Dil Dekay Jaien Gey, Kismat, Arman, Pehla Pyar, Who Tees Din and Kuch Log Roth Kar Kay Bhi. Remarkably, Iman Ali was viewed as a supporting role in Bol which was Shoaib Mansoor’s second film. Although, her role wasn’t that prominent but still she grabs hearts of millions with her beauty and killer looks.

Greatly Talented Model/Actress on Demand

Iman Ali boldly and wonderfully stepped into the world of acting from modeling. She never killed her modeling soul and meanwhile started to work as an actress. Her talent and skills were very well-recognized and respected. Leading Indian movie directors and producers are willing to take Iman as a protagonist in their films but she very gracefully, turned down the offers. She owed to the apparent existence of severe tension between India in Pakistan in 2009. Iman Ali stated that she’ll definitely avail the opportunities put forward by the Indian producers and directors but after the worked up situation settles and cools off.  She then got hired by the two international advertising companies and stayed busy with her new life and experience.