Import of Used Computers and Laptops Will be Subjected to Increased Taxes

by Rabia Arshad
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As per the issued valuation ruling No. 1519, by the Customs department, the import tax on computers and laptops has been increased up to 40%. The details of the tax distribution are as below;

  • On used computers and laptop, tax ranges from 70-150 USD, 
  • On used CPUs, tax ranges from 25 to 60 USD,
  • On a monitor screen, tax of 2.5 USD,
  • On a scanner, tax of 25 USD,
  • On a Dot matrix printer, tax of 20 USD,
  • On a server, a tax of 300 USD has been imposed.

The sale reduction is in progress, according to the directorate, the costs are predicted to increase further. 

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The former Vice Chairman of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and A Former Executive Member of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Munawwar Iqbal stated his concern with the massive increase in taxes for the necessary tech equipment without consulting the stakeholders. 

According to him, this is bound to harm working and academic individuals as the prevailing effects of COVID 19 has made industries optimise the work from home environments. 

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During the pandemic, the use of computers, laptops and various peripheral devices became common, this resulting in high demand. Mr Iqbal expressed that if the prices and taxes continue to tread this path, the common services will go out of range for the common man and have a negative impact on our society.

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