In Vision Eye Device, Blind People,Pakistani Student

In Vision is an eye device made by a Pakistani student that helps blind people to see. The In Vision Eye Device is a wearable device that plugs into the user’s ears and provides them with audio cues that help them to navigate their surroundings. The In Vision Eye Device was invented by Mohammad Hamza Khan and is currently working on improving the In Vision Eye Device, and plans to release a new version of the device that will be even more effective in helping blind people to see.

He says that it’s a life-changing device. The idea is to be hung around the neck, and then sensors will inform you about what’s going on in your surroundings – whether there are obstacles or not.

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The In Vision Eye Device is made up of a digital camera, a microprocessor, and an eye implant. The digital camera is worn on the eyeglass frame and captures images that are then processed by the microprocessor. The processor converts the images into electrical impulses that are sent to the eye implant. The implant then stimulates the retina, which sends signals to the brain that are interpreted as sight. The In Vision Eye Device is still in the testing phase, but the Pakistani student who invented it is hopeful that it will one day be able to help restore sight to millions of blind people around the world.

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The In Vision Eye Device is a wearable glasses that uses a camera to capture images and convert them into electrical signals. These electrical signals are then processed by the brain to create an image.

In Vision can be used in different environments such as in daylight or darkness. In addition, In Vision can also be used to read books, newspapers, and other text documents.