We are excited to announce the launch of the first academic-industry partnership between INNOventures Global Pvt Ltd (INNO) and the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST).

INNOventures, NUST, Pakistan

Moreover, under the agreement, INNO will provide business advisory services, mentoring, and capacity building through its business incubation programmes. Whilst NUST will provide research and development capabilities. in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Consequently, the strategic partnership aims to develop and promote entrepreneurship and. innovation culture and also to support the existing entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan. Similarly, INNO will assist NUST’s students. and faculty in developing their ideas into viable businesses and commercial ventures.

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Furthermore, INNO’s mentors will help the students and entrepreneurs to build their.business concepts through hands-on experience in the relevant industries. INNOventures and its partners have developed. a wide range of innovations in the field of electronics, healthcare, and information technology.

Similarly, the main aim of the partnership is to ease and encourage NUST’s scientists and engineers. to interact with global research organisations and industry partners. The cooperation will also provide access to world class facilities. at NUST and the opportunity to establish new business connections. and will help to progress further in the field of deep learning. and artificial intelligence solutions.

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Under the partnership, @NUST Science and Technology Park. is providing the technical know-how and INNOventures. will be helping with the implementation of various. projects of the park and other institutions under its control.

The agreement also includes the collaboration between INNOventures. and NUST’s Technology Incubation Center (TIC), where our teams will train. and collaborate with the local Data scientists.