Success is a long journey which tests your perseverance and patience. Facing all the obstacles coming along your way where many other people tend to give up their dreams. On the contrary, the one who considers these failures as lessons and learn from each experience would finally end up gaining the glory that one aimed for at the outset. Entrepreneurship has its own set of challenges starting from the prerequisites of starting up a business including labor, land and capital in addition to the entrepreneur. The absence of any one of these factors can create a daunting task for the individual looking forward to set up one’s company.

Inspiring Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Nevertheless, there are always a set of individuals whose success stories become a source of inspiring many forthcoming rising entrepreneurs. We give you the success stories of 10 Inspiring Pakistani Entrepreneurs that will surely change your thoughts and unravel the myriad of hidden opportunities available in our own country.

Farhan MasoodFarhan Masood

Your first star is Farhan Masood known for promoting patriotism and providing inventive solutions to the rising problem based on the needs and requirements of a consumer. Solo-Tech and Solo-Insight are some of his renowned projects. His services and creative ideas have won him some international recognition. Some of the various awards that he has won so far include MIT Enterprise Forum BAP award. And The Asia Pacific ICT Awards. In addition to the highlighted achievements, Farhan is also the founder of Go Green Pakistan. It is an initiative to connect people with analogous perspectives so that they all can collaborate to come up with new startups and projects.

Rabab FatimaRabab Fatima

Rabab Fatima and Shanza Khan are the Pakistani Entrepreneurs who realized the significance of free speech. They came up with the idea of launching Bolo-Tech. It is a startup which provides tools to assist individuals with speech disorders and facilitate therapies. Bolo-Tech is based on a user-friendly portal which provides an ease for the people with affected communication to be able to communicate with their therapists, caretakers, parents and other family members. Bolo-Tech provides the options of clinical as well as home based therapies in order to ameliorate verbal abilities of patients. Their project is gaining widespread appreciation giving several individuals a chance to speak and express themselves as effectively as others.

Zafar KhanZafar Khan, entrepreneur

If you have not heard the name of Engro Digital and Sofizar, then let us introduce you to this Pakistani Entrepreneur. He is the founder of an internet marketing company selling local products to worldwide customers using Facebook. Khan is currently the CEO of Sofizar based in Lahore. His second project, Engro Digital has also gained global recognition as it is a chemical processing plant based on Machine Learning Analytics. Khan has set some inspirational examples for all those individuals who look forward to using social media networks to launch their businesses using digital marketing, data scraping and data analytics.

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Wajiha KanwalWajiha Kanwal, Pakistani actress

Many of you would have watched the program ‘Idea Croron Ka’. In case you have not seen it, you will find innovative ideas by some renowned personalities running their own business nowadays. One such individual is Wajiha Kanwal from our list of Pakistani Entrepreneurs. She presented the idea of designing a user-friendly portal where the customers would be able to find the products and services of their preference. And at the most affordable and feasible rate and thus the name Wajiha has creative contributions to facilitate many strata of the society. Who find it hard to make the ends meet and now they are able to purchase many items based on their satisfaction. Using the escrow method securing their amount of purchase.

Ali RehanAli Rehan

Search for Eyedeus Labs, Groopic Inc. and Ingrain and you will find the name of the man behind these successful projects, Ali Rehan. All the before mentioned projects have gained global recognition as Eyedeus got shortlisted for Google Blackbox Connect entrepreneurship accelerator. He is the man behind Groopic Mobile application which is designed and launched by Groopic Inc. The fundamental idea behind this app is to let the photographer become a part of the group photo that one captures. Ingrain is another success story co-founded by Ali Rehan. Its basic idea is to provide an advertising platform where users can place independent online videos in real time. It is for marketing and dissemination of useful information.

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Maria UmarMaria Umar

There was a time when the access to basic and higher education was next to impossible for women in particular areas of Pakistan. Furthermore, less chances were offered to women for upgrading the standards of living for their family. These circumstances led Maria Umer to lay the foundation of Women’s Digital League. It offers digital training and work opportunities to Pakistani women in particular. And yo those who are eager to make a difference and bring a change in their living. Her ideas are based on the mentor ship that she obtained from some of the best professors of Silicon Valley. Her contributions have led Umar to win the Early Stage Award in the Change makers ‘Women Powering Work’ competition.

Monis RahmanMonis Rahman

In case Naseeb Networks looks somewhat unfamiliar, there is no way you are not aware of From our Pakistani Entrepreneurs, Monis Rahman is the man behind the infamous website. He intended to provide an online platform where the companies can announce their vacancies. And users are able to submit their portfolios to offer their online services. The fundamental idea was to work remotely instead of being present at the workstation during the duty hours. Thus the platform provided opportunities for stay-at-home mothers to offer their services working from home. Monis Rahman has put all his experience gained working at Intel and as the Director of KASHF Foundation to startup the new projects. This led him to get featured in Spider, New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, CNN and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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Sana FarooqSana Farooq, pakistani entrepreneurs

Look around you after the advent of the pandemic. The lockdown has simply shut down all the institutes, colleges and universities. To promote distance, hybrid and online mode of education. This was something realized quite earlier by one of our Pakistani Entrepreneurs Sana Farooq. She designed the E-Learning Network not only for teachers to improve their teaching abilities. But also to all other individuals out there looking forward to acquiring quality education for the renowned universities of the world. The platform provides some accredited courses to sharpen your pedagogical skills. They are specially designed for teachers to improve their mode of teaching in the changing times.

Zia ImranZia Imran, entrepreneurs

If you are looking for a motivational speaker cum inventor of some renowned projects, you have to follow Zia Imran. He is one of the founding members of Plan 9 Pakistan and also the CEO of Vahzay Limited with the intent of transforming Pakistan into an energy efficient country. The SPRING accelerator team is working day in and day out to provide automotive energy. They are saving devices and solutions to avoid excessive energy loss. In this way we create a safe, green and eco-friendly country for our forthcoming generations.

Sihah WarisSihah Waris, working moms

Day care becomes a serious problem for the working mothers. Especially in the contemporary scenario when both parents have to work for their family to make ends meet. Mothers constantly worry about their child’s well-being even at the office. And thus are unable to give their best at the workplace. So Sihah Waris from our list of Pakistani Entrepreneurs came up with an online daycare platform. It is termed as Rise Mom through which working mothers can constantly monitor their children even from the office. The project has gained widespread appreciation for being a practical solution to the problems of working mothers.

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