Asia’s First Ever Largest Social Sciences Expo Comes to Pakistan

Social Sciences Expo will be Held on 24th – 25th February at the Pak-China Friendship Center, Islamabad. It is being organized by the Inter University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences, IUCPSS (which is a coalition of 30 national universities) and Jang Group, to celebrate 2016 as the year of Social Sciences. The aim of this expo is multifaceted

  1. To showcase the advancements in Social Sciences
  2. To spread awareness among the public with regard to the importance, influence and immense benefits of Social Sciences for the development of the country
  3. To highlight the social problems faced by the Pakistani society, and to look for ways of bringing a positive change

Who Will Attend the Social Sciences Expo

People from all walks of life are expected to attend such as intellectuals, teachers, researchers, policy-makers, politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, professionals, diplomats, celebrities and young social scientists.

While many institutions and organizations will set up their stalls which include Ablagh-e-Aama, Business Gurus, Ehle-e-Zaban, Hunar-Kada, Khidmat-e-Khalq, Sifarat Khana.

Events of the Social Sciences Expo

The major events are a two day international conference, different forums i.e. diplomatic, parliamentary, scholastic and vice-chancellor, special displays by the departments of tourism and culture, book fair, book launchings as well as mushaira and sufi musical evenings.

For youth there would be numerous activities in which they can participate; such as discussions, workshops, documentary production, photography, and several competitions i.e. business plan, case-study, essay writing (Topic: How Social Sciences can Promote Peace & Tolerance in the Society), poster & painting.

How to Participate in Social Sciences Expo

If you want to book a stall or require sponsorships in Asia’s largest social sciences expo, contact Mr. Murtaza Noor (National Coordinator IUCPSS at or Mr. Mohsin Rasheed (Marketing Manager Jang-Group at