Invest In Pakistan Forum 2022, Startups, Business

Pakistani Startups are preparing for facilitating the biggest occasion in the history of Silicon Valley.

Pakistan continues to strengthen its position in Silicon Valley to make a professional stand that will help the country become a global technology. Invest In Pakistan Forum 2022 is happening on Sunday, May 15 at 09:00 AM PDT at Plug and Play Tech Center with tickets starting from $40.00. A great deal of popular names will be part of the occasion. Pakistan’s Current Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan, alongside Teddy Himler, Derek Andersen, Huma Hamid, Noman Azhar and Jimmy Nguyen.

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A meeting place for the cream of technological innovation, the event will bring together big names in global technology and rising startups. The first young Pakistani shoots emerged in 2013, and the meteoric breakthrough of the startups in the following year increased the country’s development. Co-working spaces and other incubators have helped dozens of companies to be born. Pakistan is trying to reach up the ladder with so many startups happening in the country. For 7 years the country was unfamiliar with the idea of startups and now everyone wants the taste of success. A total of $174 million has been raised by Pakistani startups which is a big rise compared to last year’s $20 million. The number has increased significantly and it looks like this is the beginning of something much much bigger.

Pakistan is no exception to a rule: “Globally, only 6% of startups succeed,” said WANZ Global Business, the organizers of “Invest In Pakistan Forum 2022”. This event brought together 70 young people over three days to set up new startups. “What we are offering these young people is to show them what entrepreneurship is, not necessarily so that they succeed.”

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Pakistan is ranked 108th out of 190 in the World Bank’s index of countries offering an investment-friendly environment. The revision of the labor code to align the protection of private-sector workers with the public-sector for social benefits is still pending. Regardless, this event is the biggest and most impactful opportunity for  the Pakistani diaspora.