Islamabad is famous because.of the presence of a few stops and backwoods, including the Shakarparian. It is home to a few tourist spots, the most striking one being the Faisal Mosque. Most of the people who live in major cities of Pakistan like Lahore or Karachi find Islamabadis boring. 
Let’s find out what Islamabadis can learn from other cities.

Things Islamabadis Need to Learn From Other Cities

Starting around 1960, Islamabad.has been the capital of Pakistan after the capital was moved from Karachi. Despite the fact that it is the 10th biggest city in Pakistan, it is also one of the safest places in the country. In 1960 after its establishment Islamabad has drawn in individuals from everywhere. in Pakistan, making it one of the most multiracial and diverse areas of Pakistan.

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Islamabad, the Capital of Pakistan

The capital is also home to the Presidential Palace. In this city, the place of Government lies. Islamabad is. known for its generally spotless, quiet and green city. It has countless representatives, legislators and government workers. Islamabad is an advanced, all-around arranged, very much kept up with and. efficient worldwide city in the world it is. known as the most evolved city in the country. It has the most elevated skill rate in Pakistan.

Islamabad’s Diversity

Islamabad is a city where individuals come from everywhere in the country to partake in its. serene, commotion-free environment with a ton of plant life and decent encompassing view. Although most of the populace in Islamabad have been. working as Federal employees, it is turning into a significant. monetary and business focus place. Somewhat recently there have been tremendous changes in the city’s conventional standing.
Despite the fact that Islamabad might look western. indicating a liberal way of life, they still follow traditional rules and customs. Islamabad is a modern city although it may not be as vast as New York or Tokyo it is still a sight to behold. Offers a lot of entertainment and surprises from musical concerts to social clubs.

What is Islamabad like

Islamabad, Faisal Mosque, Safe Areas

Islamabad, when contrasted with other enormous to medium estimated urban communities of Pakistan.has still, to some degree, kept up with its standing of being a peaceful but somewhat boring city. That has changed after some time. Many individuals have relocated from many nearby more. modest and immature urban areas and towns to Islamabad for better. open doors, framework and way of life. Islamabad doesn’t copy. It’s quiet and certain. It offers a lot yet does not parade itself. It’s not garish and knows what is worth. They say, when you live in Islamabad for a lengthy time frame, you’d never be. fulfilled or cheerful elsewhere. The city folds its arms over you and takes you to a warm natural spot. Perusing not at all like many impromptu and disrupted urban areas and towns.
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The Beauty of Islamabad, Margalla Hills

The Margallas give the city its own identity in a way. Those Margallas look magnificent all year, particularly when the city encounters a deluge. The number of inhabitants in Islamabad includes a heterogeneous parcel. From all regions and foundations, you’ll likewise see a gigantic presence of outsiders.
Many individuals from different urban areas have. a general assessment that Islamabad appears to be far off and bombastic. That is on the grounds that they are. reserved and isolated. Things are changing in such a manner. 10 years prior restaurants were only a small bunch. Not a lot to look over, yet with time the eateries have shifted. Eatery business ventures have seen solid contests as of late.

What are Islamabadis Like?

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Islamabadis love cafés. Its prominence is on the ascent. That is presumably on the grounds that it fills in as a public spot for people to hang. out together without being aware of themselves or everyone around them. It isn’t disliked because it is a stage toward social adaptability among the genders. Islamabadis for one thing wants a greater amount of them and reasonable ones. Islamabad is costly like other big cities, it comes with a price. A cup of tea can cost you here unlike in other cities in Pakistan. So the people over there are used to it.

If you are outside that might be a difficult one especially if you are planning to live there. But assuming you are wanting to visit Islamabad for some time one thing is a guarantee that you will not be. lost or apprehensive. everybody can appreciate and communicate in English. In this way, it’ll be simpler for individuals to speak a generally popular language. It’s an bustling modern cosmopolitan so the types of a rushed and dirtied life there could be fewer Islamabadis love night strolls. You will see a lot of people in Islamabad at night because of how safe it is.

The Negative Side of Islamabadis

A lot of Islamabadis feel that their city ought not to be for everybody, which is their mean side. That is on the grounds that the individuals who experienced it. from the beginning survived its greatness. Recently it has been overpopulated. So, that denies Islamabad of the unique taste of life that it was intended to have. This bears a feeling of bitterness and disappointment. among the people who believe that it should remain how it was quite a while back.
But because things were different years ago does not mean it’s going to stay the same forever. So they should get with the times and accept the difference.

Islamabad’s Perception

There is a perception that a lot of people from Islamabad think that their city tends to be superior. compared to the rest of Pakistan because it’s a capital. There have been stereotypes of islamabadis being cold-hearted and distant. but that is only because of their isolated nature. Things close up early in the city and a lot of people don’t go out often. Islamabad has been. called the city of the rich where the poor struggle to live and the city does little to improve the situation.
Of course, looking at it from the outside you won’t notice it. You might only see the modern developed city that is safe and sound but inside there is an ugly truth of imbalance and prejudice. Of course, its posh cafes and restaurants might not give that impression but the problems do exist.

What the City and its People Can Learn?

Capital Of Pakistan, Islamabad, Beautiful

Now we come to the part where it’s going to get a little controversial. Everyone has different opinions and approaches so know that this is only advice to take not statements that should be followed. So here it goes

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Make it More Adaptable

The first thing the city should do is make it more adaptable for outsiders that are planning to live there. Of Course, for tourists and visitors, the city offers a lot but in terms. of work, they only offer little to no jobs. It’s hard making a living and afford a house in Islamabad because of the tight sectors.

Lahore for example has recently become a host for Pathans and. Hazaras who come from their mountains to have a better life. A lot of labor work is being given to them, some are even opening up their own shops and small businesses. So the city and its people should focus on making the city a heaven for those who want a new and better life.

It’s Ok to Let Emotions Flow

The stereotype of islamabadis being distant is somewhat true because of their. introverted nature it kind of becomes hard for outsiders to make friends there. People from Lahore and Gujranwala are known to be passionate. They will go out of their way to help an outsider.

There is a phrase used to describe Lahori’s Khatta the sukkah dil nai o labda lahore wich. Lahoris are. known to be friendly, sometimes a little too much that it puts off people from other cities. People from Lahore and Gujranwala for example will give a hug to a stranger they met five minutes ago. Which is a good thing, say you came from another country and feel unfit and lost when you see how. a person could hug you in a second of knowing you fill you up with a feeling of comfort and familiarity. So islamabadis should not be hesitant to let their emotions flow.

Make it Better for the Poor

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth and that’s the majority of Pakistan. Unemployment and poverty are one of the biggest issues in the country. Other cities like Karachi and Lahore even after being modern still have slums and shanties where the poor can live in peace. If they are at a point where they can’t even afford a house they still have a place to go to. There is a severe imbalance between the rich and the poor in Islamabad making it. difficult for the poor as time goes along. Industrialization is important but knows that if you have. to take down the house of the poor to build a lush bungalow it’s now worth it. The rich can deal with the extreme prices but the poor who can’t even afford 2 meals a day might say otherwise.

Keep the Lights up

Look, it’s a nice change of pace to see everything closing at 10 pm. But if you are a tourist you want to have a good time. So for people like that Islamabad seems to be a struggle with no late-night pirate eateries or events at all. Lahore and Karachi keep up the lights sometimes even for 24 hours. You can find a restaurant in Karachi at 3 am in the morning and go eat there.

Hospitality Of Lahori’s

Lahore, Lahoris, Hospitality

Now when we talk about hospitality it isn’t restricted to being nice to tourists. There are people from all. over Pakistan coming to Lahore to create businesses and startups. Even those who hate Lahore will still come and live here and get their education and make money. Because Lahori’s have the habit of putting other people first. They don’t care where you are from as long as you are in Lahore you are a Lahori’s. So Islamabadis should also adapt that mentality. It can be scary to see your city change and be adapt by outsiders but it can also work in your favor. So to become more happy go lucky like the Lahori’s won’t be such a bad thing.
So that’s what Islamabadis can. learn from other cities regardless of their imperfections Islamabad. is still the heart of Pakistan so the best of luck to them.