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We all love a good perfume but how many of us have ever dreamed of having one? It seems like such a magical thing to me. Furthermore, Imagine the scent of cut grass, or the sound of rain on the roof. Or the scent of a new lover’s skin.
Fragrances is a unique perfume company whose mission is to make the world smell like a fantasy. Moreover, The company’s founder, has created an original collection of scents. Which inspired by some of our most magical moments in life.

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The brand was founded by John Loer. His first fragrance, Wood and Steel, debuted in 2004 However Today, John is also known as the “perfumer who made perfumes for the boys.”

“Scent of A Woman” By Hira Mani

Now J. Fragrances has launched a new perfume fantasy: “Scent of A Woman”. Similarly It inspired by the fragrance of the most feminine woman, the queen. This perfume evokes the atmosphere of a unique and sensual encounter. Moreover, It is a scent with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, amber, black currant, rose, and vanilla.
The fragrance developed with master perfumer Hira Mani. She creates a perfect blend between a delicate and elegant femininity. A real olfactory journey awaits the wearer. Moreover As the perfume evolves in the atmosphere over time, with its mysterious and unique sensual qualities.

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With her husband, she’s created a collection of scents called “Perfume Fantasy.”  Similarly It features five of her husband’s original perfumes. Each of which conjures up a memory of one of their romantic moments. Perfume created to embody the charm of an unexpected encounter with a woman. The new collection by J. Fragrances consists of five new bottles. Furthermore Each bottle representing a sensual and seductive scent.

For more information, visit https://jfragrances.com/new-collection-launched/