Joyland, Awards, Cannes Film Festival

It seems that the movie “Joyland” got a lot of attention since it was promoted. In fact the script was invited to screen at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. For the record, “Joyland” brings an unexpected special story about a disjointed family where it is directed by rising director, Saim SADIQ who also won the Venice Film Festival Award for best short film Darling. Not only is it a great director, it is also lined up by Rasti FAROOQ – Mumtaz Alina KHAN – Biba Sarwat GILANI

Before it was released, the film received attention from filmmakers around the world and was given more attention by media partners there. While there, the film received thunderous applause for 12 minutes thus proving the ‘warmth’ of the reception for him in the eyes of the world. Meanwhile, Sohail SAMEER who plays the character of Saleem has been inundated with praise from the media. This film makes the audience sympathetic to everyone involved with the hassle that comes with being queer.

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The film tackles gender, identity, responsibility and honor so much more. It’s an in-depth story, it’s something that maintains a close connection with human weakness, human resilience and broad qualities. This is the first for a Pakistani movie to be nominated at the Cannes film festival.

About 300 journalists welcomed their cast’s arrival at the red carpet. In an interview Saim talked about how much of a tremendous honor it was to be at cannes. “I’m overwhelmed honestly in a good way but also in a bad way because I feel like there are so many eyes on us. With this film I just hope people see it for what it is. When you are making a movie you don’t think about how many people will see it but now the attention is coming. I’m just so nervous”.

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Well we are certainly proud as a nation for this daring film made by one of the best directors Pakistan has ever seen.