Kallar Kahar: A Historic Place

Kallar Kahar lies on the banks of River Jhelum and is a tehsil (sub-division) of Chakwal situated 26 km southwest of it. It is a historically significant because:

In 1519 Emperor Zaheer-ud-din Babur Visited Kallar Kahar

Exactly 500 years Emperor Zaheer ud din Babur discovered Kallar Kahar when he crossed the River Indus over from Kabul on his way to Delhi. He was enamored by the beauty of the place, especially the Kallar Kahar Lake which was formed by the water that gushed from natural springs.

He laid the foundation of South Asia’s first Mughal garden ‘Bagh-i-Safa’ (today the fruit trees seen on the southwestern shore mark its place). He also had a stone pedestal constructed where he stood to address his army, which is known as ‘Takht-i-Babri’.

Kallar Kahar: A Tourist Attraction

Not only does it have a rich history, Kallar Kahar in itself is a scenic place with lush greenery, lakes, a rocky landscape and lovely peacocks which is why it is a very popular spot that people often visit, usually en-route from Lahore to Islamabad.

Kallar Kahar Lake

The saltwater lake which is more than 1000 feet above sea level, is one of the 17 wetlands in Punjab, and is about 7 miles wide. The water is salty due to the deposits of rock salt. It is a very popular spot that people visit.

Swaik Lake

The lake is just about 25 minutes from Kallar Kahar. Hidden amidst cliffs and mountains, it is also known as ‘Neela Pani’, because it has beautiful crystal clear water and a breath-taking waterfall. This is an ideal place for a hiking expedition, picnic or even camping.

Neela Wahn

This is a charming village about 35 minutes away from Kallar Kahar, and it is not that known to people yet. Hidden among fertile vegetation is a stream that generates four ponds. Pond 1 has many unusual tiny fishes and crabs! (It is pictured below). It also has a waterfall and so does Pond 3. The ponds are called ‘Neela Wahn’ because the water is blue in color.  They are enclosed by small caves that can be seen half above the water. This is also a great place for hiking, camping and picnicking.

An Interesting Legend Associated with Kallar Kahar

According to myth, long ago a man called Saidan Shah and his wife came to a place known as Kallar Kahar in the Potohar Plateau. They liked it so much that they eventually decided to settle down there. ty71 \l

It is said that Saidan Shah had super natural powers. One day he told the people that the reason of the scarcity of water was because a giant was drinking it all up. So he would help them by getting the giant’s attention and they could round up and kill him. The people felt afraid and declined. So Saidan Shah took it upon himself, and killed the giant. Then a spring of water sprouted forth and as a result a lake was created. And so he gifted the lake to the people.

One day he was travelling across the region and entered a valley. At one place he encountered a group of angry giants and witches, who were very annoyed at him for killing their companion. They began pelting him with stones and also hurled a huge rock from the top of the cliff. Saidan Shah said a prayer and blew it towards the rock, and it halted. The peacocks of the valley also came to his help. They surrounded him and spread their tails to protect him. They say that rock is still there today.

Some months later Saidan Shah died. Before his death he showed the people where to bury him. He also gave his blessings to the peacocks and cautioned the villagers never to harm them. Today his grave is still present in a walled enclosure and the peacocks can be found in the vicinity as if they are protecting it.

He was actually the saint Saidan Shah Shirazi, and the place where he is buried is a town named after him called ‘Choa Saidan Shah’ which is situated about 40 minutes away from Kallar Kahar. It is a picturesque place with orchards, hills and is famous for its roses.

Visit Kallar Kahar

So if you haven’t visited yet, now you have ample reasons to go!