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KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken offers the best-fried chicken whereas McDonald’s has the best variety in burgers. Both make sure to bring out the best deals during Ramadan that are easy to digest and are especially pocket-friendly for all kinds of customers.

KFC and McDonald’s bring special Sehr and Iftar deals for Ramadan at different prices, these franchises in Pakistan make sure to offer Halal food and that’s what makes it the first and foremost choice of the people.

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During Ramadan, the deals offered by KFC and McDonald’s make it hard for us to decide who’s better than the other, the variety in deals male it even harder for us to say who’s better. KFC is offering the fanciest meals, with not-so-fancy prices, with its unique taste. The KFC Ramadan deals offer Krunch Trilogy for Sehr for just Rs.570 and The Taste of Togetherness FAMILY FESTIVAL for Iftar for Rs. 1.475. Also, The KFC Ramadan Feast, Sharing feels good with a message “Share your Iftar with someone in need this Ramadan” in just Rs.1695 and many other deals to make your iftar and sehr exciting.

On the contrary, McDonald’s is also seizing this opportunity to bring out the best deals along with special discounts. The best part of these deals is that they can be availed on alternative days. Different days of Ramadan for different deals at very low prices.

For feasts and treats, you can visit their franchises. If it’s not convenient for you to visit KFC and McDonald’s in Ramadan, you can just order while staying home.

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