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Carl Heinrich Knorr established the brand back in 1838 by opening a factory to begin experimenting with food drying methods. These methods could not only preserve quality but provide excellent flavor and freshness. It has earned its reputation as the largest food brand in the world, as it has sold products in more than 87 countries worldwide. The goal of this brand is Great flavor which is the core of Knorr. It motivates them to go the extra mile and put in the effort to work with some of the most experienced chefs worldwide in order to develop genuine and nourishing meals for customers.

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Food Dream Season 02

The brand came to Pakistan in the year of 1992 announcing the launch of Knorr Chicken Cubes. In recent years Knorr has introduced multiple spicy, delicious, and high-quality products. Knorr believes that it’s important to cook delicious and nutritious food. And every woman in Pakistan should have it at their disposal. Now presenting its second season is the culinary show that has left many Pakistanis begging for more, Food Dream Season 02. It Showcases amazing culinary delights, prepared with exceptional skill and talent by excellent chefs and along with tackling extreme challenges which test them in every field imaginable. The judges pick contestants by a selection round where they give them a dish to prepare. Then they must either recreate or improve the dish to the best of their abilities.

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Once selected each contestant moves on to the next stage. There they compete head to head with other chefs from around the world. The contestants earn points based on creativity, taste, and presentation. And proper preparation I also highly emphasized. For this reason if a contestant is eliminated they are sent back home. Finally, the winners of different rounds receive some advantages. These include sparing a fellow competitor, selecting a secret recipe and the most dangerous one is taking away tools from other.