KPK Government Announces Free Transport

The KPK government has taken the struggle of female students into account and has come up with a new solution to tackle it. Female students will now be provided with free transport facilities. All female students who are studying in public schools will be able to benefit from this service. The mission of this strategy is to promote and enhance the education of young women.

In the KP province, young women are demotivated and prevented from pursuing higher education. This is often due to the long distance from home as well as the high expenses that come with the journey. The BISP Economic Registry has conducted a survey in the elementary schools and secondary educational institutions in the province. It has shown that over 4.7 million children were not even enrolled in schools. Meanwhile an estimated 2.9 million were out of school girls, as reported by the survey.

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Wonder Why Parents Aren’t Sending Girls to School?

Evidently, the main cause for this is the parents’ fear for their daughters with the rise in violence. Some families won’t allow their daughters to walk to their schools in fear of kidnapping and child trafficking. In addition, rising petrol rates also have a role in this growing illiteracy. Some areas don’t even have schools constructed as the locals believe it to be a waste of resources. They prefer grooming their children according to village standards.

Chiefly, the project will start as a beta in some parts of the province that the Parent Teacher Council has outlined. This is to gauge how many females use it or how many females are able to get permission to use it. Afterwards, their collective feedback will allow the Parent Teacher Council to better refine the service to meet the demands and requirements that prevent them from using it. In effect, the success of this project will mitigate gender imbalances.

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