Lawnkari 22, Images, Lawn Clothing

‘Images’ is here to steal your heart with its delicate Lawnkari collection. Mixed with vibrant and subtle colors, the brand offers beautiful embroidered suits to make your Eid brighter! The collection covers designs for all ages and preferences, which is great as everybody can find something they like from here.

Pastel color palette is the highlight of this summer catalog. The dresses offer shades of light blue, light green, beige, cream, powder pink, white and lilac in the subtle category. The dresses are with delicately embroidered trousers and chiffon dupattas. The cool colors mingled with neat embroidery offers a fresh look.

The catalog also features selective darker and brighter shades with embroidered shirts and trousers. The colors include plum, bright teal, blushy pink, black, red, magenta and blue. They come together with digital printed dupattas which offer a viable contrast to the entire suit.

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‘Images’ has given greater detail and attention to sleeves in this collection. Every dress has a unique patterned sleeve design to look out for. Some suits carry a wide sleeve with heavy embroidery while other suits carry cuffed or puffy sleeves.

We recommend you to have a look at their collection. If you are fond of solids, then you will also find dresses in blacks, reds, blues and pinks with the same colored embroidery on them. Some of them have contrast dupattas while others have same-colored dupattas; both styles look equally refreshing to the onlooker!

All in all, this collection is extremely elegant and is definitely worth buying. You should check the catalog out, if you want to make your summer look trendy and chic this year. The orders can be placed online on their website as well as in stores.

Happy shopping!

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